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Feature Article - April 6, 2006

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Feature Article - April 6, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Events planning workshop

The Central Frontenac Economic Development Committee is planning an event in support of the Heritage Mural Project. Although we're just as happy to see spring as you are,

we're thinking ahead and organizing a festival for February 2007.


We are inviting Letterheads (sign painters) and Artists from near and far to work on a couple of the murals. In order to encourage participation we thought that a celebration of our heritage and our artistic nature might make the idea of spending a couple of days in the Frosty Frontenacs a little more appealing. The event is just at the planning stage so there is plenty of room for your ideas and suggestions. Some of the ideas we have heard so far are: handicraft demonstrations, outdoor chili cook off, log sawing competitions, music (fiddles in particular), story telling for children, ice/snow carving, horse drawn sleigh rides, snow shoe races and dog sledding. The way we see it there's no limit to how much fun it could be with several small events taking shape under one big umbrella.

So please join us. Come as an individual or send a delegate from your organization to meet with us Saturday April 8 at 10:00 am at the Oso Hall in Sharbot Lake . Please feel free to contact our members with your suggestions and/or to volunteer your help.

Thank-you on behalf of the Central Frontenac Economic Development Committee.

Sunday hunting I was pleased to read in the March 23 issue of the Frontenac News that the South Frontenac Council had refused to endorse Sunday firearm hunting. I felt a vote of thanks was due the councillors who did so, and who voiced the many concerns felt by those who feel that the Sunday peace which has traditionally been ours is in danger of being shattered by Sunday shooting.

However, I felt a qualm when I read in the next week’s paper the article under the title, “Central Frontenac Might Budge on Sunday Hunting.”

The writer of a letter to the editor in the March 23 issue (“Sunday hunting and SF Council”), objected to the council’s suggestion that there is also a safety factor, besides the aesthetic, to hikers on Sunday trails. The writer of the letter countered by saying that hunting is safer than driving an automobile or several other activities; he says those wanting to walk in Sunday peace and safety can walk on crown land. However, since many sections of crown land are adjacent to private property, walking on crown land would not necessarily preserve your peace nor your safety. Even as it is now, you sometimes find that trespassing hunters have shot down signs on your own property. Many people I know would feel that, during hunting season, the only day they would feel safe taking a walk anywhere in the woods, either on their own acres or crown land, would be on Sunday, as the law is now.

Let’s keep at least Sunday a peaceful day.

And put deer whistles on your car. They aren’t audible to human ears.

And, if you aren’t otherwise occupied on Sunday, come join us at church. We’d love to have you.

Dorothy Thompson

Open letter to Rick Bartolucci, Minister of Northern Development and Mines

Dear Minister Bartolucci,

It has been over a year that I have been trying to get the trenches on my property filled in. The trenches are a result of a mining company exploring for minerals.

I have done everything that I can to make the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines aware of my concerns about safety hazards that exist because all of the trenches have not been filled in. Trenches of up to 6 feet deep that fill with water have been left, without signs or fencing. Your Ministry staff has told me that the trenches do not pose a public hazard and don’t have to be filled in. I have spoken to an Occupational Health and Safety inspector who told me that they are only concerned about worker safety when work is being done. No one is concerned about the risks left on my property.

I question the government’s right to sanction activity that leaves property damaged and the legal duty of your Ministry and the claim holder should an accident occur on my land, or any land in the province where mineral exploration has taken place.

Bill C 45 holds that criminal charges can be laid against anyone who does not practice diligence to ensure the protection of their workers, as well as the surrounding public, from any unnecessary harm. If convicted for negligence, there could be fines or prosecution. This letter is being made public because I want it known that I want my property to be made safe. I want to make it clear that your Ministry has permitted the damage to be done, tolerated that the trenches were not filled in, and turned a blind eye to my concerns about safety on my land. Also, the standards that are to be followed for safety have not been made known to me.

It is under your authority that prospectors are licensed and encouraged to go on my land to search for minerals. I am requesting a statement from your Ministry that they have inspected the trench site. MNDM must certify that all trenching procedures were done according to exploration guidelines and have met all terms and conditions of all government standards. The statement should also say and that the site was left in a clean, safe condition, in compliance with all the corporate and government standards. I would like the same certified statement from your client, the claim holder.

Before anyone should access my property for the purpose of mineral exploration, there are some things that need to be in place. The site must be inspected by the Ministry of Labour to determine that site is safe for workers and the public. Once safety is determined, the Ministry of Labour needs to be provided with a copy of exploration and restoration plans, including safety precautions and a schedule of dates and times of operations. I need to be provided with proof of liability insurance coverage and the plans. I also need confirmation from Tay Valley Township that the site alterations included in the exploration plans comply with the Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-laws.

I want you know that these conditions need to be in addressed across Ontario . I expect that other landowners and those concerned about exploration sites on Crown land will want to know if you agree that exploration sites must be left safe and clean.

I realize that this situation has been going on long before your party was elected and I want to know if your government is staying with the status quo or stepping up to the plate to do something before an accident occurs on one of the exploration sites in Ontario. I want to know if you are passenger on a rudderless ship or if you going to show some leadership and do something.

Marty Cadieux

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