| May 25, 2006

Feature Article - May 25, 2006

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Feature Article - May 25, 2006

New fire pump atEagle Lake

by Jeff Green

On July 25 of last year, a fire broke out on Campbell Island on Eagle Lake , sparking a day-long effort by volunteers from around the lake and from members of the Hinchinbrooke Fire Department. Much of the vegetation on the island burned up in the blaze.

After the fire, members of the Eagle Lake Property Association began talking about the fact that although the island is, naturally, surrounded by water, volunteers from around the lake were reduced to using a bucket brigade to fight the raging fire until the fire department arrived.


In response, the property association decided to purchase a pump, at a cost of $800, which is being donated to the Hinchinbrooke station of the Central Frontenac Fire Department for use on Eagle Lake . Although it is small, the pump can maintain pressure of 70 psi for 500 feet, and can run continuously for three hours before being refilled with gasoline. The hose and nozzle for the pump were donated by the fire department from their own fundraising dollars.

The pump will be housed at the home of Janet and Jim Gutowski, one of a few families that live year round on Eagle Lake , and the fire department will be conducting training sessions for people on the lake to make the best possible use of the pump in the event of fire.

Eagle Lake joins Chippego Lake as an association that has purchased an emergency water pump, and Hinchinbrooke Fire Department Deputy Chief Paul Lowery said that “other associations might consider purchasing pumps for their residents. They can certainly come in handy.”

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