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Feature Article - May 18, 2006

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Feature Article - May 18, 2006

Council looks favourably on Hartingon car wash

by JeffGreen andWilma Kenny

South Frontenac township planner Lindsay Mills presented a report to Council on Tuesday night concerning a proposal by Scott Asselstine to rezone a two acre parcel of land he owns on the southern edge of Hartington in order to allow him to put up a four-bay self serve hand car wash.

The report noted several concerns with the proposal, and some of the measures Mr. Asselstine has taken to address those concerns, and concluded that “it is the [Planning] Department’s conclusion that a re-zoning to permit the use of the property for a four bay hand car wash commercial operation is supportable.”


Mills noted that a number of concerns over water usage and waste water disposal have been expressed by a number of people, and that a ground water study currently underway by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority has “identified the area as an area of potential low water quality and of possible susceptibility to contamination.” Several letters and a petition were included in the information council received concerning the application,

However, Mills said that Mr. Asselstine had addressed several of these concerns by contracting the engineering firm Lissom Earth Sciences of Picton to prepare a site evaluation and waste water design study for the project.

Lissom’s report included a plan for the operation that includes an oil separator tank to remove petroleum products from waste water, as well as a multi-stage filtration system and a large septic bed.

“There remains a concern over salt that may wash off of cars, especially in winter, which is not addressed by the system, and it might be wise to drill two wells at the outside of the septic system in order to measure how much salt will be released into the groundwater,” Mills said.

Mills’ report also said that the proposed waste water design has been “reviewed favourably by the public health unit.”

Mills did say that “Council may wish to consider the need for a hydro-geological review if they feel further study is warranted.

When the meeting was opened up for comment most of the councillors said they found the work that Scot Asselstine had done to be sufficient for them to support the project; however councillors Roos, Stowe and Hahn thought that a hydro-geological study was in order to ensure that the potential environmental impacts of the project are determined.

Members of the public were given their turn to comment. Linda Stewart, who lives within sight of the proposed car wash, expressed the hope that certain conditions be attached to a site plan that the planning department will be developing for the project should the zoning be approved. She hoped that lighting could be minimised, and proposed that instead of being a 24 hour operation the car wash be closed at 9:00 pm each evening. She pointed out that “in Pittsburgh and Kingston townships hydro-geological studies are done for all buildings,” and suggested this should be the norm in South Frontenac as well. She also was concerned about salt contamination.

Judy Reynolds and Pastor John Craig from the Portland Community Church, which is located across from the proposed car wash, said that the church’s well had run dry last summer, and were concerned that the car wash would further drain the aquifer. Other neighbours talked about existing water supply and waste water problems.

Scott Asselstine said that he projects that the business will recycle a high percentage of the water that is used, only taking “about as much water as two normal houses from the ground.”

Later in the Council meeting, a re-zoning bylaw on the mater was given first and second reading. The planning department will now consider the proposal further, and bring a report back to council. A hydro-geological study may be ordered.

Other notes from South Frontenac Council:

Sydenham Water Funding Proposal

Council voted to turn down the Sydenham village request for assistance with funding a portion of the property owners capital costs, given the uncertainty of the revenue that would be derived from increased development due to the water, and "the change in allowing the revenue from increased development to be given directly to the people in that area."

Heritage Sign for Perth Road Village

Belinda Betz of Perth Road area got council’s support for her proposal to design and erect historical signs at the approaches to Perth Road . The project will be fully funded by the Historical Sign Committee’s raffles and events.

Bedford District Landfill Hours Extended for Summer

Only councillor Robinson objected (on the grounds that it was an area issue) to a by-law amendment extending the Bedford landfill hours for the summer.

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