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Feature Article - June 29, 2006

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Feature Article - June 29, 2006

Seniors of the Year inCentralFrontenac

by JeffGreen

At a luncheon ceremony after their final council meeting before Canada Day, Central Frontenac has developed a custom of celebrating volunteerism by honouring seniors from each district who have made a special contribution to the community.

This year, the four honourees were: John Lee, Rosemary and Peter Wadham, Velma Price, and the late Moe Bush.

JohnLee John Lee (Oso) made his reputation as a community minded individual when he was a businessman in Sharbot Lake . As the owner of the Stedman’s and grocery stores, he was the first person people went to for supporting community causes and he never failed to help out in any way he could.

Since his retirement, he has, along with his wife Erlene, maintained a hectic pace, setting up the Alert System, driving for Meals on Wheels, helping to sort mail at the post office, and being active with the Anglican Church.


“I thank you all for this award, even though I didn’t expect it. I would like to share this with Erlene, because we do everything together,” John Lee said in accepting his award.

Peter and Rosemary Wadham

When Rosemary and Peter Wadham (Kennebec), moved to Kennebec Lake , Rosemary wondered how she would be able to stay busy in a small community. She needn’t have worried. She has been a member of the Arden Glee Club since its inception, is on the Kennebec Recreation Committee and on the Executive of the Arden Seniors, and is the prime mover behind the weekly line dancing at the Kennebec Hall. Peter does publicity work for most of these groups, and as the resident computer expert, provides background support as well.

“I feel that you get out of a community what you put into it, and I’ve gotten so much more out of this community than I could ever put in,” said Rosemary Wadham in accepting the award.

“I feel that Rosemary has done all the work,” said Peter, “all I do is play with the computer.”

Velma Price Velma Price (Olden) was a kind of surrogate mother for all the children who attended Land o’ Lakes Public School for many years, before retiring as school secretary two years ago. She also served as Clerk Treasurer for Olden Township and trained people in First Aid for many years. She was superintendent of the Sunday school at the Mountain Grove United Church , and made sure that all of the kids who played baseball in Mountain Grove got to and from their games.

“I’m happy to receive this award, even though I never expected it,” she said, “and happy that my daughter has come today from Oshawa to share this with me.”

Moe Bush’s husband John and son Wayne accepted the Hinchinbrooke award in her name. Moe was a force in Hinchinbrooke and throughout the region, through her work as the President of the Parham Happy Travellers, organizing seniors’ rallies, and earlier as a volunteer and employee at North Frontenac Community Services, and as editor of the North Frontenac News.

John andWayne Bush

Moe was also the first ever woman councillor to be elected to Hinchinbrooke Council, running under the slogan, “Get Hinchinbrooke on the go, vote for Moe.”

In accepting the award in her stead (Moe Bush passed away suddenly this past March at the age of 68) her husband John expressed the sentiment that was shared by everyone in attendance, saying, “I thank you for this. I wish Moe would have been able to accept it herself, she would have enjoyed this.”

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