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Feature Article - June 15, 2006

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Feature Article - June 15, 2006

New club forms fromVolunteer Ladies Auxiliary

The Volunteer Ladies Auxiliary and the Firefighters of Clarendon-Miller Fire Station/North Frontenac Fire Dept. would like to report that funds raised since 1988 to 2005 totaled $218,417. We have donated a total of $106,658 towards the fire hall. The remainder has been used to purchase a tanker, fire truck, equipment van and to retrofit the Early First Response Medical Unit, KED jackets, Oscillimate machine, Defibrillator, First Aid bags fully equipped, Automatic Blood Pressure machines, Bunker suits, Shirts and Hats, radios and pagers, protective suits,etc.

We thank you, the community, for your support for the past 17 years. For events like Winterlude and Summerfest, when we needed pies, salads, butter, maple syrup, coffee, etc. you did not hesitate to donate as well as attend our events. If we needed people to set up tables, tents, fences, to cook chicken, cook pancakes and sausages, run a bar, clean up, you were there to assist us. Because of you, the community, our fund raising efforts have been very successful.


The North Frontenac Fire Dept, by provincial legislation, is the responsibility of the township so now we need to change our focus. We would like to continue as a fund raising group for the community with a new name and new goals. There are many groups/projects within our community that may need our help. For now, the services we will continue to provide are funeral luncheons, and, assist when an emergency arises in the community. Contacts - Gertie MacDonald 479 5505 and Bernice Gunsinger 479 2270. We will also continue to sponsor the Hallowe'en Party, Santa Claus Parade, and the Christmas Eve Santa Candy Delivery and do Quilts when we are approached.

In order for us to continue, we need new members, we have decided to expand our membership to both men and women. We need people that are community minded and would like to give of their time and bring some fresh ideas to our new group. Please come to our meeting on Sept. 5/06 7 p.m. at the Clarendon-Miller Hall. If you wish to discuss joining before September, please contact - Gertie MacDonald 479 5505, Ollie Bakelaar 479 2149, Joyce Lemke 479 2967, Shirley Lemke 479 2823.

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