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Feature Article - June 22, 2006

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Feature Article - June 22, 2006

Letters to theEditor

Horrendous day at the vet

Thursday was a horrendous day for my cat Sirrah and I, but had a happy ending thanks to the nice people in the town of Sharbot Lake .


I decided to take Sirrah to the vet for all his needles.The vet's officeis in downtown Sharbot Lake .So we go in and he is teased about being big boned.I am going to put him on a diet.He made friends with all the dogs and was quite a hit with everyone.But then we went outside and he decided to go under the steps.There was along boardwalk at the side of the building with a spot just big enough for a small dog or cat to go underneath it, and guess who went in there just as some people were bringing in big crates and making a lot of noise on the walkway.The dust cleared and Sirrah would not come out.Several people stopped and tried to help.Then Rodger MacMunn, the sign painter,came over and said he could paint a hole for him to come out. lol!!Big help.But Rodger got out his cell phone and called the lady who owns the property [Rosemarie Bowick].She gave permission for the boards to be taken up andcame over with her hubby [Bill] too. They took up three boardsand put a hose down to squirt Sirrah (and me, as I had crawled under the steps too by this time). He came forward but not far enough.Then Rodger gets a chain saw and cuts a board right where Sirrah is and thunks Sirrah with the board. Lo and behold, Sirrah belts out at 60 miles an hour back to the vet’s office, with me in hot pursuit.I get him and put him in my car.He hides under my seat, traumatized.Poor cat!!

I offered to pay for the boards, but the husband of the lady who owns the building said, "Lady, take your cat and go home".He was smiling at me, tho'.I thanked everyone a lot andcame home to Big Clear Lake . I want to let everyone know what nice people live around here.

- Glynne Howland

Re: "Ardoch Algonquins eye crown land"In your article you note that that Mayor Ron Maguire stated, "I am aware from the provincial government, that you need to be a part of the land claim in order to assert your inherent or aboriginal rights". The provincial has no right to say anything regarding Algonquin aboriginal rights. The Algonquin Nationhas been lied to and terrorized by the provincial government to make its people think it has a right to negotiate a treaty. The Algonquin Nation is a Sovereign Nation.This sovereignty is guaranteed by many documents. Does Ontario think it can make treaties with China or Bolivia ?I think not. So why does Ontario think it can make or set conditions on any treaty with the Algonquin Nation.Treaties are made between nations. A province has no basis in law to make a treaty with a Sovereign Nation. This "treaty" is a part of the governments "Final Solution" to strip all native peoples living within the boundaries of Canada of their lands, their traditions, and eventually their Indian identity. The Canadian government has built reservations, many of which have no better conditions than Concentration Camps. The Canadian and Ontario Governments have all ready fulfilled the United Nations description of Genocide in their treatment of native peoples. When do you think they will start to build the ovens? - David Bate, Ardoch Algonquin First Nation

Mini Golf at SLPSWe are students from Sharbot Lake Public School and we are writing to see if anyone knows about the mini golf at our school, in the big yard, under the big trees.

So we want to know how it works. We were digging it up and cleaning it off, and we wonder what the holes are for. If you used to go to this school here and you know how it is suppose to work, please contact us at school and leave a message. We will return your call.

Yours truly,Stacey Young and Curtis Barlow-WilkesP.S. The last day of school is June 29th

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