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Feature Article - June 22, 2006

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Feature Article - June 22, 2006

Knitters forGlobalWarmth

Another visit to Huntsville and another delivery of all your knitting efforts. One hundred and fifty-seven items were sent last week.I've made contact with the coordinator in Huntsville , Ruth Cox, and she informs me a team of women are visiting Nicarauga next fall and would like to deliver baby items to the hospitals there.If this is what you like to do, please try to deliver them to me by the end of August and I'll see they get delivered.To speed up distribution, the group is now sending articles through Kids Alive and I'll have further information on that soon.

We had a fun Lunch in April with 19 people and I was able to give outall of the yarn that had been donated.The next week I received a call from a 'new' knitter and had to inform her I was out of yarn but over the last few days more has been received.


A lady called from Quyon , Quebec , heard about us through the UCWLadies' Bulletin from Ottawa , and we have made a connection through North Gower where I used to live.Also, ladies from Renfrew United Church sent many afghans to us along with a picture of them and their items. We also have knitting from Metcalfe, Greely, and North Gower.

Keep up the great work and bless you all. Peggy Beckett, 268-2443

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