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Feature Article - June 1, 2006

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Feature Article - June 1, 2006

NorthFrontenac thinking twice aboutCOMRIFstrategy

by JeffGreen

The Waste Management Committee seems to have started a debate within North Frontenac Council about whether or not they should apply for funding to have the Mississippi Bridge widened.

In each of the first intakes to the Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure fund (COMRIF) the township submitted unsuccessful applications for the bridge project, and the Council’s Waste Management Committee passed a motion saying, “when the next call for COMRIF applications comes out, that an application be put in for some of North Frontenac’s waste management needs.”

At their meeting last week, council did not endorse the recommendation, deciding to defer the matter instead.

“I don’t believe the guidelines for the third intake have been released yet,” said township Chief Executive Officer Cheryl Robson, “and council might want to wait until they know what kinds of projects are being encouraged before deciding.”


“We know that they will not approve the Mississippi Bridge ,” said Bud Clayton, “so I think we should look at some of our waste management needs.”

The Waste Management Committee was encouraged to start considering what kinds of projects they can come up with before council makes a final decision later this summer.

FEP TO FOCUS ON SEPTIC RE-INSPECTION David Pattendon, a long time property owner on Big Gull Lake and a former Chief Executive Officer with the Ontario Medical Association made a presentation to council for the Frontenac Environmental Partnership (FEP), which has chosen septic reinspection as a major focus this year.

Pattenden explained that the workshops the FEP is sponsoring will focus on alternatives to traditional septic systems that might be more applicable, and less expensive, for waterfront property owners.

Pattenden said that septic technology can be wasteful, in that water, which makes up 90% of the effluent that passes into septic systems, could be separated out through evaporation, leaving a fraction of the amount of waste to be processed.

North Frontenac has entered into a septic re-inspection program, and Pattenden said that the FEP workshops are meant to work in concert with the township.

“We hope that with good information people will be less fearful of septic re-inspection, and if they know of more inexpensive alternatives to full blown septic systems they will likely consider them.”

FEP Wastewater workshops are scheduled for June 18th at the Glendower Hall in Bedford from 1-3 pm and at the Kennebec Hall in Arden on July 8, at 10 am.

ROAD CLEANUPS SCHEDULED Citizens’ groups are set to do their cleanups on Ardoch road and one other location, but any group that would like to take on a roadside cleanup is encouraged to contact the township.

CFDC RELEASES FUNDS Although they expressed concerns about North Frontenac’s “non-compliance of the terms and conditions” of a grant that was approved late last year for a Crown Land Marketing strategy at a cost of almost $10,000, the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation (FCFDC) did release the funds to the township.

The township is expected to submit an application to the Land o’ Lakes Tourist Association for a rebate from the provincial government. Should that rebate be received, they are to give that money to the Land o’ Lakes Tourist Association.

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