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Feature Article - July 20, 2006ArdA

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Feature Article - July 20, 2006

Waiting and watching asJenna Lambert swims

by Jeff Green

Family and friends of Jenna Lambert, the 15-year-old hero from Harrowsmith, joined with the students and staff from Sydenham High School and members of the Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church, spent the day and evening on Tuesday, when this newspaper was being put together, waiting for word on Jenna’s progress as she traversed Lake Ontario.

Jenna, who powers herself through the water using only her arms because she has cerebral palsy, is attempting to be the first disabled athlete to swim across Lake Ontario .

Although readers of this page will know if Jenna completes the swim, it is already clear from reading the hundreds of messages on her website that she has inspired many people in the region and across the country with her determination and drive.

She is already a hero.


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