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Feature Article - July 20, 2006

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Feature Article - July 20, 2006

New therapies atPineMeadow

by JeffGreen

In a continuing effort to improve patient care, Pine Meadow Nursing home opened a new physio and occupational therapy room this week.

Thanks to the continuing efforts of the Pine Meadow Golf Committee, which contributed the necessary funds to equip the room, and to a relationship the home has entered into with a company called Active Health Management, the 60 patients at the home now have access to therapies that could improve their quality of life in many ways.

Active Health Management will provide a physiotherapist two days a week and an occupational therapist two days a month at Pine Meadow. Each patient will be assessed, and an individual program will be developed. The entire program is funded through OHIP.


Pine Meadow patient Doug McCLennan, who is wheelchair-bound, cut the ribbon on the new room, and then demonstrated how two of the pieces of equipment work. He pulled himself up from his wheel chair and traversed the room using a piece of equipment that resembled the parallel bars in gymnastics, and he then used a weight and pulley machine to help build up the strength in his arms.

The golf committee has also purchased a Accuciser machine that stimulates the feet, hands and back of patients. It will enhance the reflexology program that is being headed up by programming supervisor Kim Kusick.

After the opening ceremonies for the new therapy room, Pine Meadow staff, board members and patients took turns using the Accuciser. Judging from the oohs and ahs from all of the people using the machine, it could prove popular with staff as well as patients at the home.

The Pine Meadow Classic golf tournament raised $11,000 this year. $6,000 from that money has gone towards equipment and with the other $5,000, three beds have been purchased.

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