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Feature Article - July 6, 2006

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Feature Article - July 6, 2006

Canada Day crowds

by JeffGreen

It takes a lot of work to put together a full day of activities in a small community, and for the Social and Athletic Club in Harrowsmith and the Oso Recreational Committee in Sharbot Lake, it sometimes seems as if it can all come to very little if Canada Day turns out to be cold and rainy.

Fortunately for the two groups, this year the Canada Day weather was close to ideal, bringing large, enthusiastic crowds who hung in until dusk, when fireworks lit up the sky. Rain did come, along with thunder and lightning, but not until after dark when all of the festivities had been completed.

In Sharbot Lake , Canada Day starts early. At 7:30 am, the Oso Hall was filling up for the pancake breakfast put on by the fire department. By 9:30 firefighters were scouring the shelves of the Valumart store across from the hall, trying to keep from running out of supplies.

Red and white predominated at the 11:00 am parade, and the judges awarded prizes to the Red Hat Ladies, and youngsters Nathan Domen and David Cox.


After the parade, people streamed over to the beach for the afternoon. Pedal boat races were brought back this year for the first time in several years. Winners included, in the junior category, Aadan Kempe and Michael Riddell, in the senior category, Jacob and Josh Neadow, and in the intermediate category a mother and son team Marlene and Derrick.

The Masons ran the canteen for the first part of the day, and sponsored a draw for a rocking horse made by Guy Cooke with wood supplied by Willis Crain. The winner of the rocking horse was Keena Brash.

By mid-afternoon, cars were lining up along Highway 38, and local musicians were taking turns entertaining the people.

Michele Greenstreet, who is the chair of the Rec. Committee that organised all of the events, said, “We don’t know how many people attended but there were bigger crowds than I’ve ever seen”.

In Harrowsmith, the parade at 10 am streamed out from Centennial Park , wending its way down Road 38, and heading back to the park, bringing the crowds back with it. After Heather Bell sang Oh Canada , people settled in for the day. There was continuous live music, food, and games, games, games.

At around 4:00, it was time for the serious business of crowning Little Mr. and Little Miss Canada . Among six entries, eight-month-old Madison Hunter was crowned Little Miss Canada , and among three entries, 16-month-old Leverne Fraser was named Little Mr. Canada .

A draw in favour of minor baseball delivered signifigant prizes to Fred Henwood ($500), Melanie Davison ($250) and Julie Eamon ($100).

“The entertainment was awesome, and the day went really smoothly,” said Pam Morey of the Social and Athletic Club, “The water slide, put on by fire department, was a real hit. We have to thank all the volunteers; a lot of people came through for us. It was a great day.”

Fireworks ended the day, not only in Harrowsmith and Sharbot Lake , but in Sydenham, Plevna and other communities as well.

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