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Feature Article - August 17, 2006

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Feature Article - August 17, 2006

Addington Highlands Council, August 8, 2006

by Jule KochBrison

A procedure that could extend the capacity of the Denigh Waste Site would not be recognized by the Ministry of the Environment (MoE), according to Township Clerk Jack Pauhl.

At the Denbigh meeting last Tuesday night, council discussed proceeding with the closure of the Denbigh site, as it is over capacity. The MoE has requested additional monitoring that will be very expensive and Reeve Hook noted that with what AH is spending on Kaladar, Mackavoy and Denbigh, the township is already over budget on waste disposal. Council decided to set up a meeting with Quinte Eco, a consulting firm AH has contracted to prepare the reports on the Denbigh site, and the MoE.


Later in the meeting Roads Supervisor Royce Rosenblath told council that he was speaking to someone who can screen the sand out of a waste site and repack the contents. In some cases, Rosenblath said, the garbage that is left only occupies about 30% of its former bulk. He said that for years an average of about 50 tons of fill a week was spread in the Denbigh site, and offered to enquire about the screening process with townships that have used it. Building Inspector Wayne Kivell thought that the Township of Carlow-Mayo has used it successfully.

Jack Pauhl, however, said that the MoE does not recognize the extra space; it only counts what goes through the gate.

The MoE has also requested a site plan and site life estimates on the Vennachar site documents that Reeve Hook said had already been given to them. The reports will be sent again, and AH will address some concerns about the site in 2007 if it doesn’t cost too much; however according to the site life estimates, the Vennachar site has room.

A quotation from Jewell Engineering for $4,800 + GST, to prepare an application for COMRIF intake #3, was approved unanimously. The application is to rebuild the Skootamatta Lake Road/Hughes Landing Road intersection. Council has already unsuccessfully submitted applications for the work to intakes 1 and 2, and at the last council meeting, this had prompted Councilor Bill Cox to balk at spending further money on COMRIF.

Council endorsed a resolution by the Town of Smiths Falls, urging the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) to request Ontario to either commit to a thorough review of the whole Market Value Property Assessment system during the current cancellation period, or go ahead with the reassessments as originally planned, so that ratepayers will not be faced with three years’ worth of inflation in 2009.

A Motocross track in Northbrook that was built by Fritz Nussberger needed a building permit, according to Building Inspector Wayne Kivell. Kivell said he has contacted Mr. Nussberger but received no response from him. Council decided to defer the matter until they could get more information.

Reeve Hook gave a brief update on the township’s application for a Trillium grant to build a skateboard park in Northbrook . He said the Foundation is looking favourably at the application and has asked the township to proceed to a formal lease with the Lions, who will let the township use the property for seven years at no charge.

Council voted to raise the township’s mileage rate from 40/km to 45.

A piano that is just gathering dust at the Flinton Hall will be donated to the Through The Roof Ministry.

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