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Feature Article - August 10, 2006

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Feature Article - August 10, 2006

Cross-Canada cyclist to arrive inSharbotLake

A Toronto man is biking across Canada to raise money for cancer research, and he will be stopping over in Sharbot Lake .

David Visschedyk lost his leg at age nine to Osteogenic Sarcoma, the same cancer that claimed Terry Fox’s leg. Now, at age 27, David wants to give something back to the people and organizations who helped him through his own fight with cancer.

The two organizations that will benefit from his fundraising are Camp Oochigeas and the James Fund for Neuroblastoma Research at the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto .

David has been on the road for 57 days, and has traveled 6,960 km so far. He will be arriving in Sharbot Lake on August 14. Last week we published an arrival time, however, this time has been changed to 3pm.


A reception is being planned at the Sharbot Lake Beach to greet David when he arrives. Cyclists are encouraged to meet up with David in the parking lot of the former Sharbot Lake Retail Centre on the corner of Highways 7 and 38 at 2:30pm to accompany him to the reception.

For more information, contact Meghan or Jeff at the Frontenac News, 613-279-3150. You can read up on David’s journey at www.cyclingforcancer.ca.

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