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Feature Article - September 28, 2006

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Feature Article - September 28, 2006

Lanark OPPgives out service awards

by MeghanBalogh

Constable Lyndon Murray Officers of the Ontario Provincial Police gathered in Lanark on September 21 to honour the years of service and acts of bravery demonstrated by officers and members of our community.

Uniformed officers and their spouses attended the ceremony and dinner, held at the picturesque Timber Run Golf Club on Highway 511.

The awards were emceed by Chief Superintendent L. G. Beechey, who is the Regional Commander for the Eastern region of the OPP. Provincial Commander Gwen Strachan gave opening comments as well, before presenting the awards to attending officers.

Several awards were given during the ceremony. The Police Exemplary Service Medal was presented to six officers for 20 years of courage and excellence in service. Four officers received awards for over 30 years of quality service.

Beechey commended not only specific officers, but also members of the community for acts of lifesaving and bravery in the face of potential personal danger.


Prominent among the scenarios presented were the courageous actions of selfless people who put themselves at risk to help someone in need. Terry Landon and John Mills received Commissioner’s Citations for pulling two people from a submerged car that the two men saw leave the road and crash through a guardrail into the water.

Constable Jonathan Bigford On November 11, 2005, Constable Jonathan Bigford was called to assist a lone fisherman who had tipped his canoe and was struggling in the water. Constable Lyndon Murray was driving by when he spotted Constable Bigford’s squad car and pulled over to help. Together they found a waterlogged row boat and used this to help the incoherent fisherman to shore, where he was taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia.

Constable Bigford and Constable Murray received Commissioner’s Citations for Lifesaving in recognition of their actions.

Another notable act of bravery took place on May 16, 2006, near Hopetown. Ten-year-old Victoria Charbonneau was riding an ATV with her friend Ivy through a wet field when the vehicle went out of control. Victoria was thrown from the four-wheeler, but Ivy became trapped as it overturned on her, pinning her upper body under water. Victoria , unable to lift the heavy machine, ran to get help and brought Ron Lobay back to the scene with her.

Lobay was able to remove the ATV from Ivy, but after being trapped for 10 minutes the 14-year-old showed no vital signs. He began CPR and within the third attempt, Ivy began breathing once more. She was rushed to emergency in critical condition, but is now back home with her family.

Both Victoria and Mr. Lobay received Commissioner’s Citations for Lifesaving for the part they played in saving their young friend’s life.

Because of the selfless service of our local officers and the concern that members of the community have shown for their fellow man, our communities become safer and healthier places. The awards that were presented to these people are just a small part of the recognition and thanks that they deserve.

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