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Feature Article - September 21, 2006

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Feature Article - September 21, 2006

Local internet service provider to have satellite high speed internet

by Jeff Green

Mazinaw-On-Line (MOL), the only local non-profit volunteer internet service provider for the Land o’ Lakes area, announced today that they have introduced high speed satellite internet service at the two local Community Access Program (CAP) sites: in Plevna, North of 7 Restaurant and Freshmart; and in Ompah, at Double “S” Marina and Sports. Volunteer President Ian Brumell said today that the two sites are now up and running.

“With financial assistance from Industry Canada , MOL was able to purchase the equipment required to provide this service to the residents of these two areas and if all goes well, it could be expanded into other areas outside the CAP sites,” said Ian. “People are tired of waiting for promised high speed service and part of our mandate is to provide the best service available to our community, so this is the first step.”


Local residents are able to go to either of these CAP sites now and use the MOL computers or, if they wish, use there own laptops from the parking lots to access this service.

For any additional information contact Jim Beam, MOL Board of Director member at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone at 613-479-9946.

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