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Feature Article - September 7, 2006

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Feature Article - September 7, 2006

AddingtonHighlands wants neighbours to work out noise problem

by Jeff Green

Fritz and Ursula Nussberger attended council in response to comments at the previous meeting concerning a motocross and snowmobile track that they built on their property, and noise complaints from neighbours.

“I’m not sure what council is looking for?” Fritz Nussberger asked.

Council wanted to know who was using the track, how often, and if there were large races taking place on the track.

“The track is used for practice only, by our family and some friends of my wife,” Nussberger replied.

“There have been noise complaints from neighbours,” Reeve Hook said, “but at this point there has been no directive from council on this matter. What council would like is some sort of common sense approach. We just hope that you can work it out with your neighbours, one of whom is ill, as I understand it. Perhaps you can come to an agreement concerning the times when you use the track. We would much prefer not to have to step in at all.”


“Have you received any complaints lately?” Ursula Nussberger asked, and Hook said he had not, and reiterated that he hoped the matter could be resolved without council getting involved.

Mazinaw Boat Launch John MacDonald and Roger Snider, from Mazinaw Lake , came to address the bottleneck at the Tappin’s Bay boat launch, which is the only public access point for many boat access residents on Mazinaw.

“Tappin’s Bay is located in North Frontenac, and most of the residents on the lake actually live in Addington Highlands, yet there is no public access in Addington Highlands,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald said he has looked around and found some land off the old upper Mazinaw Heights Road that might be owned by the township, which could provide an extra boat launch and parking for the lake.

“I’m here to find out who owns the land, and where we can go from here,” MacDonald said.

Apparently the land is Crown land, and the possibility of entering into a land use permit for a boat launch and parking lot might exist.

“The MNR should know if the land belongs to them,” said Clerk/Treasurer Jack Pauhl, and he suggested that Mitch Close from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources be contacted to confirm if it is Crown land.

Grant application for cell phone tower incentive program Council agreed to submit an application for a $25,000 Community Capacity Building grant under the Eastern Ontario Development Program. The grant would fund half of the AH’s $50,000 incentive program, which is aimed at enticing one of the three cell phone providers to build two towers on Hwy. 41.

The idea for the incentive came out of the township’s economic development committee, and was approved in principle last month.

Council sought advice from the township solicitor as to the legality of such an incentive, and according to Reeve Hook, “Our solicitor said it appears to be legal”.

If council receives the grant from the Eastern Ontario Development Program, $25,000 will be raised by a special, refundable levy to taxpayers. An overture to North Frontenac Council to participate in the incentive program was sent out last month, but there has been no response thus far.

Fire department wants satellite phones Fire Chief Casey Cuddy sought approval to resubmit an application for federal funding under the JEPP (Joint Emergency Preparedness Program).

The same application was rejected last year, with the explanation being that there were too many applications, and Cuddy thought AH will have a better chance this year because they did not receive funding last year. Two phones would cost $6,102, with the township having to pay $3,356, and the feds $2,745. The cost of operating the phones is in excess of $1,200 per year, but they would replace cell phones, which cost $840 a year to operate.

“And the cell phones don’t work anywhere north of Hwy. 7 anyway,” said Chief Cuddy.

Council approved submitting the application.

Capital projects Road Superintendent Royce Rosenblath reported that the sand dome at Denbigh is under construction. Cement will be poured on Friday, and the roof is scheduled to go up on Saturday. About 1 kilometre of the Hughes Landing Road is being reconstructed, and the application for funding to reconstruct the Skootamatta Lake Road under the COMRIF program will be submitted next week.

Canteen- Council granted permission to the Flinton Recreation Club to renovate and expand the canteen outside the Flinton Recreation Centre.

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