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Feature Article - October 12, 2006

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Feature Article - October 12, 2006

Clar-Mill Ladies looking forward to new fire hall

by Jule Koch-Brison

For the past 18 years the Clar-Mill Volunteer Ladies Fire Auxiliary (VFLA) has worked tirelessly, first to help bring into existence, and then to support the Clar-Mill Fire Department.

The group was founded in 1988, after a devastating fire in Plevna. There was no fire department in Clar-Mill at the time. After a fire department was formed, the auxiliary was its sole support up until amalgamation. Over the years, the ladies have raised more than $250,000 in one form or another an accomplishment that testifies of the thousands of hours they have dedicated to the work; their unwavering commitment, their superb organizational skills and creativity, and just as importantly, the strength of the community they’ve served.

Recently the VFLA was able to contribute $100,000 towards the building of the new fire hall at the township office on Road 506.

Construction on the hall is complete and a grand opening will be held on Saturday October 21 at 11 am.


Their job done, the Fire Ladies decided to disband and they met for the last time on October 3. At that meeting, they made plans to complete their work. They will be holding a pancake breakfast at Clar-Mill Hall on Saturday October 14 from 8 to 10am to raise money to equip the new fire hall with dishes, cutlery and other necessities. The VFLA will also be providing lunch at the grand opening on the 21st.

The VFLA and the fire department are hoping for a great turnout from the community at the opening and everyone is most cordially invited. (see ad on page 5 for details)

Some of the VFLA members: L to r -back row - Ollie Bakelaar, Evangeline Hermer, Joyce Lemke, Jackie Jackson, Evelyn Lemke, Doreen Young. Front row: Merle Lemke, President Gertie MacDonald, Shirley Lemke, Vi Martin, and last but not least, former President Bernice Gunsinger, to whom all of the members give credit for their accomplishments.

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