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Feature Article - October 12, 2006

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Feature Article - October 12, 2006

ATVbylaw approved in CentralFrontenac

byJeff Green

Central Frontenac Council passed a bylaw this week approving the use of licensed, insured, single seat, four-wheeled All Terrain Vehicles on all municipal roads in the township.

The bylaw mirrors similar bylaws passed in South and North Frontenac, and ATVs can now be legally driven on all roads in Frontenac County .

Debate on the bylaw itself was muted, since the matter was discussed at the previous meeting when a motion came forward to instruct staff to prepare the bylaw.

At that time the main objections were raised by Councillor Logan Murray. When the bylaw came forward, a resigned Murray said “I’ve said what I have to say. I do not support it. I have received no calls from people who do support the bylaw and several from people who don’t. I point out that Napanee is looking at rescinding their bylaw, and that I know a lot of people who own ATVs who oppose this.”


Councillor Jack Nicolson said, “This is an excellent bylaw, but who is going to enforce it?”

Mayor Bill MacDonald said, “I want to see this go through. There is nothing to stop a future council from rescinding it if it doesn’t work.”

They bylaw was approved by a vote of 7-2, with Councillors Murray and Nicolson voting against it.

Other Council items A tender was granted to Gray Brothers Construction to upgrade the septic system for the Sharbot Lake Medical Centre. The medical centre is undertaking a $1.6 million expansion in line with its new status as a Family Health Team as approved by the Ministry of Health. The septic upgrade will cost $23,320 and is to be completed before freeze up.

2006 shaping up as decent building year New building regulations have put a damper on building in the township this year, but the numbers are comparable with other years. As of September 30th, permits have been issued for a construction value of $5,304,000, down from $6,636,000 in the first three quarters of ’05, but higher than the $4,842,000 for the same period in ’04.

The number of new residential units has dropped, however. There were 38 at this point in ’04, 39 in ’05, and only 26 thus far this year.

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