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Feature Article - October 19, 2006

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Feature Article - October 19, 2006

South FrontenacCouncil

by WilmaKenny

South Frontenac Council’s penultimate meeting before the election was brief and uneventful. A few people attended a public meeting concerning the closure and sale of a township road allowance with steep access to Loughborough Lake . Two residents expressed concerns that the homes without shoreline would lose viewing access to the water. None disputed the extreme steepness of the drop to the lake, and several councillors pointed out that although it was not usual to close public access to water, in this case they were concerned about liability issues. The road closure was passed.

Council approved purchase of a 4X4 Roads Department pick-up truck (orange) for $25,197, lowered the speed limit on the southern edge of Inverary, approved a drainage loan application, and tidied up a few land use details.


Of note in the information items was a quarterly payment of $10,484. from Stewardship Ontario and Waste Diversion Ontario . This payment is provided under the auspices of the Blue Box Program Plan which provides funding directly from the companies who do business in Ontario and produce packaging and printed materials that are managed through municipal waste management systems. Under the Waste Diversion Act, 2002, these companies report the amount of packaging and printed paper they put into the Ontario residential marketplace and pay fees to Stewardship Ontario, which in turn distributes these funds to municipalities with recycling programs. Peter Roos, chair of the Sustainability Committee, pointed out after the meeting that there are additional grants under this same program, aimed at increasing effectiveness and lowering costs of municipal recycling programs, for which the Township may be eligible now it has gone to weekly pick-up in three districts.

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