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Feature Article - October 19, 2006

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Feature Article - October 19, 2006

Addington Highlands Council

by JuleKoch Brison

Paul Isaacs, a private citizen, appeared before council to give his feedback on an administrative review that the township had hired a consultant to complete. The review stated that it was apparent the township had to be restructured and had to hire a CAO.

Isaacs heavily criticized the review, saying that that parts of it, such as the section dealing with land ambulances and OW are not applicable to AH and could be misleading. He said the consultant had failed to prove that AH needed a CAO, as opposed to making other changes, such as hiring a deputy clerk, and that its conclusions were inconsistent. The review stated, for example, that hiring a CAO should be left to the new council, but also that the job should be advertised immediately.


Addington Highlands and North Frontenac are partnering together to find a cell phone provider who would construct two towers along Hwy 41. Addington Highlands has circulated requests for Expressions of Interest (EOI) with a closing date of Oct 24 to various companies, and should know soon if there are any takers, although they may have to extend the deadline.

AH and NF are offering a cash incentive of $50,000 to any interested company, and have each applied to their respective Community Futures Development corporations for a total of $40,000 in EODP (Eastern Ontario Development Program) grants to help fund the incentive. If the towers are not built, the funding would be returned to the pool.

Quinte Eco, a consulting firm hired by the township to monitor its waste disposal sites, is recommending that AH look into acquiring land around the Denbigh waste site and then seeking a certificate of approval from the MoE for expanding the site. Reeve Hook said that seemed backwards if the MoE refused to issue to C of A, the township would be stuck with the land. Township Clerk Jack Pauhl said the ministry seems to be supportive of expanding rather than mining the site (to reclaim recyclables), but the matter would have to be coordinated.

Trailers are chattel, not property, and cannot be taxed, was a judge’s decision this month in the case of one campground versus MPAC. Reeve Hook said that didn’t seem exactly fair, as trailer occupants use township facilities such as roads and dumps, just as well as seasonal residents do. In order to collect reimbursement from trailer occupants, the township has to bring a trailer bylaw into effect and council passed a motion to set the process in motion.

Council also expressed concerns about MPAC’s decision to start checking properties every six years instead of every twelve years and to spend millions in hiring more staff. Reeve Hook said that would surely drive assessments up.

AH will look into buying or leasing to own its own sidewalk plow, as no tenders were received on a call for plowing. The plow would also be used for sweeping in the summer.

The deadly collapse last month of an overpass in Laval , Quebec , prompted a discussion about the safety of bridges in rural areas. Reeve Hook said that rural municipalities don’t have money to maintain bridges, but counties get funding easier. Renfrew County looks after all the bridges for its municipalities. This prompted Councilor Bill Cox to ask humorously, “How do we download bridges to the county?” Reeve Hook answered that being part of county council, AH can make suggestions.

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