| Nov 16, 2006

Feature Article - November 16, 2006

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Feature Article - November 16, 2006

There's no excuse for abuse

Too many women live in fear of some form of abuse. Violence against women is a fact of life in communities across Canada where one in every eight women faces abuse.

All kinds of women are abused: young women, old women, women with disabilities, pregnant women, poor and rich women. Violence against women happens in cities, in small towns, on farms and in isolated communities. It happens to women of all races, religions and social classes. Abuse may be physical, verbal, emotional, sexual or financial. Aboriginal women and visible minority women face additional abuse because of racism.

Women who live in rural or remote areas like ours face greater hardship. Abuse makes us feel helpless and alone. To be abused is to feel isolated. To be abused and live in a rural area may cause a woman to feel doubly trapped and alone as she may not have access to a telephone or transportation.


Some people think it is better for a child to have two parents, even if there is violence in the family. NOT TRUE. Children who live with violence suffer. When children are exposed to abuse, it affects them emotionally and may lead them to continue in the cycle.

Women need to be reminded that they are strong and no one has the right to abuse them. Abuse is not a private family affair. There’s no excuse for abuse. Isolation, shame and secrecy allow abuse to continue. We can all work together to end abuse and break the silence.

November is Wife Assault Prevention Month.

If you know a woman who is being abused, tell her about the North Rural Women’s Program of Land o’ Lakes Community Services and the Interval Houses in Kingston and Napanee.

The North Rural Women’s Program helps women who want to have healthier relationships. We have three community counsellors, Deb, Jeannie and Kate who provide counselling, safety planning, and help women reach other services. This is a free service where your privacy is respected. Counsellors may be contacted during business hours at LOLCS in Northbrook at 613-336-8937/1-877-679-6636 or at North Frontenac Community Services in Sharbot Lake at 613-279-3151.

The Kingston Interval House provides transitional shelter for women and children, counselling services and a 24 hour crisis line at 613-546-1777/1-800-267-9445. Lisa, the Aboriginal Outreach Worker from the Interval House, is at NFCS on Mondays.

L&A Interval House in Napanee also provides transitional shelter with counselling and outreach services. Their 24 hour crisis line is at 1-800-667-1010.

(The above information is adapted from the YWCA’s Community Action on Violence Against Women)

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