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Feature Article - November 16, 2006

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Feature Article - November 16, 2006

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Re: E-Waste centre closing

Dear Leona Dombrowsky, MPP

It is with great sadness, disappointment and even anger that I read in the recent edition of the Frontenac News (November 9, 2006. Vol 6. No. 45) that the Sharbot Lake electronic waste and computer recovery centre must close its doors on December 31 due to lack of funding. It seems that the federal and provincial governments have each fumbled this political football in what appears to be a politically insignificant area.

Under the direction and strongly committed leadership of Jim MacPherson and Mark Elliott, this program has provided educational opportunities for young people and assistance to schools worldwide through refurbishing and distributing 20,000 computers to third world countries, along with providing the technical training and support required by these countries. As well, thousands of tons of electronics have been diverted from landfill sites through the e-waste recovery system that has been established.


The Frontenac News reports that FEWR has won several government sponsored awards (of apparently insufficient cash value), including a provincial award from the Ontario Community Futures Development Corporation and an Innovation Award from the City of Kingston.

This local initiative had the potential of employing many enthusiastic young people in an economically challenged area. I think that it is a crime that such an opportunity has been overlooked for apparent lack of federal or provincial funding and support.

- Doug Boulter

Election fraud would be easy

Election fraud in South Frontenac could be perpetrated effortlessly due to the call-in voting system.

In our household we received six ballots. Four of the ballots were for members of our family who no longer reside here, one whose address has not been here for seven years. It would be very simple to call in a vote with all six of those ballots and no one would be the wiser.

I am sure the good citizens of this area will vote properly; however, this method could easily be manipulated. I think we need to authenticate the voters list and re-examine the current methods of voting.

- Angela Watson

Re:Bah Humbug Again

My name is Candice Bovard, and I am writing this letter in regards to the November 9th edition of the Frontenac News. For the last four years I have worked at the Kaladar Community Centre (KCC) with the kid’s day camp, and have been coordinator of the camp for the last two years. The "Addington Highlands Council" article, subtitled Bah Humbug Again, expressed that the KCC had been denied funding, once again, from Addington Highlands. I am confused. Should the members of the KCC not have been the first to find out that they had not received the funding that they had requested? Why was it advertised to the readers as something that you would read in a tabloid magazine? I don’t know whether this information was volunteered by the Addington Highlands Council, or the article was crafted solely by Jeff Green, or if it was a combination of the two, but it makes a mockery of non-profit organizations. This is a community, and the Santa Clause Parade is an event that gives back to that community. The KCC does not financially benefit from this event, nor does it aim to take anything away from surrounding businesses. For the last 42 years, leaders like Glenda Bence, community members and local businesses have worked together to make sure the parade happens, by entering floats, making monetary donations, and volunteering their time - something that the article seemed to overlook.

Is there no such thing as business etiquette anymore? Since 1945, the Kaladar Community Club has been working together for a better community, yet November 9th’s article shows such little respect for people helping people. Was there a need to tell the readers that the KCC had been declined for funding, as it has in previous years? What was this meant to accomplish? Was it meant to sell papers? Perhaps ifarticles focused more on giving back to the community and less on exploiting failure, I wouldn’t have to write this letter. I am ashamed that I’ve spent four years supporting a cause that receives this much disregard. Variouscommunity members are disappointed in the judgment ofthe Frontenac News and Addington Highlands regarding this matter.On Saturday, November 25th, the Kaladar Community Club will celebrate its 42nd annual parade - a parade that will continue, because of a community that wants to replay, freeze, and advertise stories that exploit success.

- Candice Bovard


As a tax payer of Olden Township for years, I am interested in the election campaigns of the prospective persons.

I have learned that Norman Guntensperger is a highly qualified teacher and has special training to be a fire fighter and is asking to be elected as a councilor in this township.

Is a qualified teacher called to teach his class when he is called out at a moment’s notice to a fire?

Norman is collecting a salary from the Limestone School Board, also payment from the Olden Firefighters for fire calls, and, if elected, as a councillor, would receive a salary from Central Frontenac Township .

It would seem that the above person is triple-dipping from three organizations, all being funded by tax payers. Is this fair to all concerned?

- Mrs. Ada MacDonald

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