| Nov 16, 2006

Feature Article - November 16, 2006

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Feature Article - November 16, 2006

Putting on the Glitz

by Chava Field-Green

The who’s who of Frontenac County women came out for the second annual “Putting on the Glitz” Ladies Night to support the Local Cancer Society and Sharbot Lake High School ’s School Council last Friday night.

Sharbot Lake High’s Country Gentleman, Mitch Barker, kicked things off in his second performance of the day, the first being the Remembrance Day assembly. Mitch was accompanied by Lorna Cooke, and provided the smooth, old time sound that he is best known for.

Intermission brought a chance to keep bidding on the Silent Auction Items; donated by various local businesses, and wine served by the SLHS Principal and Vice Principals Roxanne Saunders and Janet Sanderson.


After Intermission, Weekender Fashion Coordinator, Chris Bertrim, hosted and announced the Weekender Fashion Show. Models Amy Bertrim, Kerri Bertrim, Kim, Harper, Shannon Harper, Kayla Harper, Liz Steele-Drew, Sue Mazerall, Tina Howes, Cindy Hannah, Pat Dowdall, Dianne Lake , Sharon Macdonald and Gloria Smiley, showed off an array of Weekender’s wear, actually going into the audience so that everyone could have a feel of the luxurious fabrics.

Throughout the evening, the ladies had access to the silent auction, as well as tables devoted to Mary Kay cosmetics provided by Helene Riddell, and Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry provided by Rose Mary Deachman. At the same time Viola Conner was selling raffle tickets for the leisure gift bag draw. After the fashion show, the winners of the silent auction were calculated and announced, as well as the winner of the leisure gift bag, which was Liz Steele-Drew. All in all, a fashionably fun evening was had by all of the glitzed up participants; all signs pointed to a very successful fundraiser two years in a row. See you next year!

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