| Dec 21, 2006

Feature Article - December 2006

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December 2006

Repairs at Clar/Mill Hall lead to library closing

by Jeff Green----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The North Frontenac Township Public Works department has prepared a report to council this week to explain an accident that took place while they were removing a large concrete slab from beneath the Clar-Mill hall.

Public Works Manager John Ibey was using the township’s excavator to remove the 16’ by 50’ slab, which was sloped into the building, causing serious drainage nightmares, when the corner of the building was damaged.

The report explains what happened in the following way:


“The Public Works Manager (PWM), being the most experienced operator to deal with the delicate situation, was attempting to remove the old slab of concrete when it became evident that the slab was hooked under a portion of the front wall. The PWM attempted to lift the slab by putting the bucket under the front edge of the slab and lifting upward. While lifting upward, the PWM noticed movement of the front wall around the door area. The PWM determined that he would have to pull outward on the slab to bring it away from the building to avoid collapsing the wall of the building. While using the excavator to pull outward on the slab, the back of the bucket hit the brick face on the outer corner of the building where the Library is located.

When the bucket made contact with the wall it damaged the brick facing and broke the stud beside the window and also damaged the dry wall beside the window inside the Library.”

The report goes on to describe some other complicating factors at the site, including the proximity of hydro wires, before concluding that “the cost of repairing the damage to the Library wall is not known at this time; however these repairs must be done.”

The library branch is closed until further notice.

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