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December 21st 2006

Project End Zone

by Jeff Green and Wilma Kenny----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As the newly minted Central Frontenac Council settled into their seats to start handling the township’s affairs, they were greeted by the smiling face of a rather svelte Phil Leonard, long-time mayor of South Frontenac and warden of FrontenacCounty.

Leonard, who retired from municipal politics three years ago, was accompanied by Jack Fox and Jim Stinson, the General Manager of the North Frontenac Arena.

The three men came, cap in hand, asking for financial support for Project End Zone, a plan to renovate the arena, adding a 40 foot extension to the west end to house four new dressing rooms, an officials’ room, a skate sharpening room and storage.

“The arena is now 31 years old and it needs to be improved. With the number of young children, particularly girls, playing hockey being on the rise, the new dressing rooms are very necessary,” Leonard said.


Operation End Zone was initiated a couple of years ago, but the fundraising campaign sputtered. This new version is smaller because a planned recreation centre is not included,- and the goal is to raise $490,000. Of that, $200,000 (spread over as much as 5 years) is being sought from municipal sources. The arena is located at the boundary between Central and South Frontenac and the traditional funding breakdown has been 59% from South Frontenac and 41% from Central.

“So, you are looking for about $80,000 over five years’,” said Councilor Frances Smith.

“Actually, it’s 41%, so it’s $82,000” said Councilor Norm Guntensperger.

“Ever since you came to council, what was it, 3 years ago, to talk about this, I’ve been wondering when you’d be back looking for money,” said Mayor Janet Gutowski.

Phil Leonard said that the project has received a $50,000 commitment from the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) which is contingent on municipal funding. The CFDC funds must be spent by the end of February, and Jim Stinson said they could be used to fund the blueprints for the project”

All of council was supportive of the request, even deciding that 5 years was too great a time frame. They passed a motion to spend $82,000 over four years, pending information from the township treasurer as to where in the township budget the money will come from.

“Can I get a copy of that motion tomorrow morning?” Leonard asked. “We’re going to South Frontenac Council tomorrow night. Oh, and Merry Christmas.”

South Frontenac does not disappoint

On Tuesday night, a request was made for 59% of $200,000 for the project, and the only debate at the council table had to do with how the funding would be divvied up.

The new South Frontenac Council took its first step toward amalgamation by agreeing to contribute as a township to the North Frontenac Community Arena renovation project. Until now, only Bedford and Portland districts have supported the arena. Deputy Mayor Stowe opened the discussion by suggesting the township contribute as a unit, and elect two representatives to sit on the arena board. Councillor Ron Vandewal agreed, saying that many children and adults of Loughborough district used the arena. Storrington District Councillor Larry York commented that he felt it would be appropriate to support a facility that provided a recreational facility for all ages.

South Frontenac will provide 59% of $200,000 over the next four years.

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