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Letters, February 24, 2005

Feature article February 24, 2005

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Small business not wanted

In Nov/04 an article was printed in our daily newspaper about big box stores like Wal-Mart ruining small retailers. For every Wal-Mart that comes into a community several small stores close up.

We seem to welcome these big box stores that force others to renovate and increase or discontinue business. Wal-Mart is based out of Canada and it appears Canadian governing bodies would rather deal with other countries. Small business is not wanted.

The beef industry is suffering greatly but the Canadian government allows beef to be imported here and sold here every day It forces farmers to almost give their beef away. With the lack of federally inspected processing capacity causing the real problem, we are helping the United States take advantage of our hardship. Our government leads people to believe the US border closing is the real problem while they are doing nothing to help our beef producers over-supply.

Thanks go out to Rev. J. Craig, who has helped organize a mini-market in Hartington, providing success until the government finds a problem with it.


Transportation is no different. Our local school board took several of our routes and gave them to other companies major ones based out of Canada, leaving those who provided service for a lifetime with no retirement.

Even our local council has disputed for months over an entrance to our property that would have provided a service to people. This discourages Canadians to do business at every turn.

I repeat Small business is not wanted in Canada.

J. Kerr

Letter to the editor

Same-sex marriage

It seems to me that the Bible was written quite a time ago. For example: What does the Bible say about the 39,000 kids that die (every day of the year) of malnutrition? Did those bad homosexuals make those children?

Does the Bible say that only white Christians have the right to life? It seems that the Right to Life President of the USA sure doesnt think twice about killing people.

What does it say about the millions of women who have been abused, or raped, or even gang-raped and cant even look at a man without wanting to puke. Maybe they dont want to spend their whole lives alone.

Gays contribute more than their share to this world. Newsweek calls them the richest and best educated of ANY minority. Example: nice or not, Michael Jackson has given more than a billion dollars to charities. Liberace probably gave half a billion. Dont forget they could have lived pretty good on their first couple of millions and not put up with the verbal abuse they got.

A lot of kids have no parents in this world and a lot of gays sponsor or even adopt needy children. The best minds on earth, Nobel Laureates, are worried about over-population and the steady destruction of this earth and all of the species that God made. They surely couldnt care less about the word Marriage. Sadly the best minds dont always win in politics.

- Carmel Gowen.

Letter to the editor:

Upkeep of Central Frontenac roads

I am responding to the residents who believe the township is doing a good job on the upkeep of our local roads. Obviously they do not travel on the same roads that I travel on. The current council needs to step up to the challenge of taking the responsibility of the ongoing issues. If this problem is not the fault of the council, then could it be possible that the contractors who work on the roads do not have the expertise and proper training to enable them to do the job? In the past, I have noticed workers filling in potholes and then about a month later they were back filling them in again. Is it common practice to throw money away in this manner? Have they considered outsourcing the work to companies that have the experience and the

knowledge when it comes to maintaining the roads? Would the local council consider requesting bids from companies to have the privilege of maintaining and preserving our local roads? The idea is not necessarily to give the job to the lowest bidder, but to give the job to the company that provides the most cost effective and efficient means of completing the task to our satisfaction.

The last few years my taxes have tripled. If this has happened to everyone in Central Frontenac, then we should be able to afford to pay for proper repairs and maintenance on the roads. The taxpayers in this community are paying the council to do a job; surely they can come up with a good solution to solve some of our problems without raising our taxes even further.

Some people feel we need a new council. If this is not the case, then please prove to us that we are wrong.

- Jim Kirkland

Letter to the editor

Farewell from a paramedic

In April, 1990, I arrived from Toronto to begin my first shift with the Parham Ambulance Service. Fresh out of college, I came to the Frontenac area to pursue my career as a paramedic, and had absolutely no idea what life would be like working in rural Ontario.

At that time, David Hansen was the operator of the service. We worked long hours, much of it on standby (read: volunteer), and I began to learn about rural emergency services, and life in general, in this part of the world. There have been many changes over the years, in the service and in the community with new partners, a new operator (David Gemmill), and the downloading of paramedic services to the county.

Some things have remained the same I still feel privileged to be accepted by the communities of Frontenac County, and I am still in awe of the sense of community one finds here.

Some things never change, though. Yesterday I worked a 16-hour shift! It was just like the old days.

Today (February 17) is my last scheduled shift in Parham, and Ive been reflecting on what a wonderful experience Ive had. From childbirth to tragedy, Ive been fortunate to share your lives and to see the people and the communities around here at their best, and I cannot express what a joy it has been, most of the time. Id like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made my time in the north such an adventure, and although Im sure well cross paths again, wish you all happy trails.

Thanks so much.

- Dave Parkhill, Kingston

Fair, Open, Accountable

Three simple but important words. And three words the Township of South Frontenac council needs to learn and start to practise. We elected this council to SERVE us and to be responsible to US.

It is hoped that other communities in the township are learning from Sydenham's experience. We continue to be amazed at the blatant disregard for our

democratic rights, and the inability of our council to listen to the people that elected them - the people they claim to be working for, and with.

Once again, the people impacted by the Sydenham Water Project went to a council meeting and tried to get our point across. Once again, council stonewalled us.

Our township runs an annual budget. Once a year, they estimate the costs for all sorts of projects in the township for the year. And they estimate the revenue they will get from taxpayers - you and me. Then they cut things from the budget until it balances, so the revenue equals the expenses. Also known as a balanced budget. Responsible behaviour for elected public officials.

So, someone please explain why council thinks they are exempt from being fiscally responsible to the residents of Sydenham. This Council has NEVER

established a budget for the Sydenham water project! What that means is that there is no definition of what is too much for the people to pay. And we have seen the estimated costs of this project rise multiple times through the course of this fiasco, and we know they are going to rise again. This means that the people of Sydenham are being set up for a FINANCIAL DISASTER.

Mayor Lake admitted at the last council meeting that there is no definition of too much. This is beyond comprehension. How can anyone in their right mind claim to be managing in the best interest of the public, when they haven't defined an upper limit for the financial impact to the people?

How would you like it if next year council decided not to do an annual budget, but instead they spent whatever it cost for whatever projects they wanted to do? And guess what, you have to pay for it all. Imagine NO MAXIMUM on your tax bill. Now you are getting the picture of how we feel in Sydenham. This council is out of control, and we need your help to let them know this is NOT okay.

Call Mayor Lake, call your councillor. The people of Sydenham need you to tell council ALL the people of this township have had enough, and that we want a council that is fair, open, and accountable.

- David Waugh, one of the VAST MAJORITY for responsible government.

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