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Editorial, March 24, 2005

Editorial March 24, 2005

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A modest Proposal for Mitchell Creek

There has been much debate on what kind of bridge should be built of Mitchell Creek, a tiny body of water that intersects with Canoe Lake road near Algonquin Park. As everybody knows by now, the meters long bridge needs replacing and there is a debate over what mind of bridge should be built.

But whatever is built, the question I wonder about it who is going to pay for it. The bridge is located in Loughbourough district, and under the wise amalgamation agreement in South Frontenac, that means Loughbourough rate payers will pay for the repairs, which will likely exceed $200,000. Thats a good deal for the people who live on Canoe Lake road just over the border in Bedford, they will get a free bridge.


But I wonder, why should people from throughout Loughborough pay for the bridge, many of them have never and will never use the bridge. The good folks in Railton or Sydenham might never venture in that northern direction. It would better if the folks who live near the bridge, perhaps only those who live on the far side of the bridge, pay to rebuild it. User pay is a strong principle in South Frontenac, in fact it is the guiding principal in Loughborough, and if its good enough for the southern part of the district, why not the north?

There are also people who live near the bridge, but never have to drive over it, they shouldnt have to pay either.

Perhaps this will mean very few households, maybe a half dozen, will be left with the burden of paying for the bridge.

They wont really mind, though, because a new bridge will be good for property values and will make them happy in he long run. In a few years, they will laugh at the tens of thousands they have to shell out for a nice new, safe bridge.

If they feel unfairly burdened, perhaps they should be allowed to collect a toll from those Bedford residents who will be using their bridge. They can hire a troll, Then Mitchell Bridge Troll, to collect he Mitchell Bridge toll. If the fols from Vedford dont like , they can always go up to Westport and double back. The bridge might even become a tourist attraction itself, bringing more people in to use the bridge, and pay a toll to the troll.

So Council shouldnt delay, they should hire Tottenham Syms/Hubicki today to design a nice bridge, say a half million dollar bridge, let those lucky few Loughborough ratepayers from over the bridge pay for it right away. That way they can start recouping their losses sooner and will be thanking their lucky stars, and their wise councillors, in no time.

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