| Apr 14, 2005

Feature article,April 14, 2005

Feature article April 14, 2005

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South Frontenac ATV club working to make ATV bylaw stick

by Jeff Green

Now that South Frontenac has passed its ATV bylaw for a one-year probationary period, the South Frontenac ATV club intends to be more active than ever.

Driving ATVs on public roads is not a desirable pastime for recreational ATV riders, and it was not the goal of the South Frontenac ATV club to promote ATV use of public roads when the group became politically active several years ago. They initially wanted to see the development of an ATV trail system within South Frontenac, hoping to link up with the Eastern Ontario Trail and the K&P trail to the north.

We didnt want necessarily to see ATVs on the roads; we wanted to develop trails, but that has been impossible so far, said Pat Dawson, of the South Frontenac ATV club.


The club was instrumental in pushing the ATV bylaw proposal forward to Council. At a public meeting last fall, club members and ATV enthusiasts came out in force, and in the end Council approved the bylaw last week for one year, after which time an evaluation will take place.

Dawson said the ATV club is in close contact with Police Sergeant Fowler of the Frontenac Detachment and South Frontenac Mayor Bill Lake to provide whatever assistance is possible in informing people about the rules or the road for ATVs.

We have printed up copies of the bylaw and have made them available throughout the township, and we encourage people who are aware of others who are not driving ATVs in a safe manner to contact us so we can approach the people and explain what is at stake for all ATVers, Dawson said.

The club is also promoting the development of common trails within the township to minimise the need for ATVs to use public roadways.

The club intends to approach Central Frontenac at some point to see if the township is interested in passing their own ATV bylaw, which would provide passage for club members to existing ATV trails to the north. North Frontenac and Addington Highlands have both passed ATV bylaws of their own in the past year.

We need to make sure the bylaw is successful in South Frontenac, however, before we approach Central Frontenac, so that is our focus now, Dawson said.

Constable Randy Haddrall of the OPP SAVE team made a presentation on ATV safety at Sydenham High School this week, and other initiatives are planned.

South Frontenac Council will be monitoring all police reports regarding ATVs on public roads for the next year, after which time they will decide whether to make their ATV bylaw permanent.

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