| Apr 14, 2005

Letters,April 14, 2005

Letters April 14, 2005

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Poor Mans Pecan Pie

I enjoy the Food and Friends recipes and wondered if anyone in our area has the recipe for Poor Mans Pecan pie made with oatmeal instead of pecans. I think it may have been in the United Church Cook Book put out by St. Pauls Harrowsmith a few years ago. My copy is lost. Thank you.

Shirley Dirksen

Re: Queens test site for blasting in Godfrey area.

Over the past few years I have had problems with the Queens test site in the Godfrey area. I have spoken to several people at Queens about this, but to no avail. They test dynamite by blasting.


When this happens on an overcast day, the vibrations are much stronger through the ground, causing my house to vibrate. I have a cracked foundation. My house is still being built. Last Saturday was an overcast day (April 2) and two blasts were put off that rocked my house. When I spoke to the guy who was in charge of the blasts, he said it was because it was overcast. Well, if he knew this was a problem, then why did he do it? After I complained, he said he would stop the next blast because it was even stronger. But he would be back next Saturday. Thanks a lot, Queens! If I had been told they were here, I would have found another place to live. I am here now, so what can I do but complain to someone who doesn't listen. I am asking if anyone else has had any problems with this test site? I have heard of windows being blown out in the past. I am sure there is a noise bylaw somewhere. Maybe if we have strength in numbers we can do something about this.

- J. Blondin, Godfrey

PS. In the end, there was no blasting on April 9, but there is always next week.

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