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Letters, July 7, 2005

Letters July 7, 2005

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Re: Bears I guess Jean Brown and I are at odds again. I live well away from any neighbours and I really am not afraid of bears. For every person that is mauled or killed by a bear in North America I guess there are about 600 or more killed by men to say nothing of those mauled!

Lets have a spring rapist hunt and keep in mind the 13-year-old girl out west given booze and sex by three adult men and the men not even jailed. The girl Canadian Indian, the men white I wonder: if the girl had been white and the men Indian would they have been shot or just skinned alive? Makes me love bears!

Carmel Gowan

Learning to hate

Remember the line in South Pacific: Before youre six or seven or eight youve got to be taught how to hate.

Anyone that has been awake the last century has seen the promotion of hate, and how hard it Is to undo this damage to peoples minds.


Suppose there are a million old ladies in Canada, each living alone, each heating a house, each driving to the store alone, each cooking for one or worse, not cooking proper meals, and many needing a home care nurse to come by and check on them. Price? Well, since our system is Capitalist thats the one thing that could change peoples minds.

Isnt it sad that so many are so brainwashed with hate and bigotry that they wouldnt even think of sharing their home and life with anyone of the same sex. Of course their community would think the worst as they were taught how to hate, too.

Maybe the same sex law will gradually teach tolerance for both the innocent and the guilty. Have you ever noticed the truth in the saying, the nicest people are the most recently reformed. Scratch the surface a bit and probably they would be stoned to death if we really followed the Bible.

Carmel Gowan

Re: Avoiding Gas Guzzlers

In regards to 'Avoiding gas guzzlers' in your June 23rd edition I would like to make your readers aware that there are non hybrids cars that get much better than the 7 litres per 100 km as stated in the article. The Smart ForTwo distributed by Mercedes Benz according to the 2005 Fuel Consumption Guide gets 4.6 litres per 100km city and 3.8 litres per 100km highway. This is in the same range as the hybrids without the extra cost of a hybrid engine. The Smart engine is a turbo diesel with common rail direct injection (CDI). Car production, components, and recycling of parts are all done on a ecological basis. While it is not a replacement for the primary family car, as it is a two seater, it may fit the bill for a commuter car or a second vehicle. How many times does your current vehicle leave the

driveway with only one person in it and no cargo? Don't be surprised to see a black one on our local roads by late summer ... note there is currently a waiting list for these vehicles.

More info can be found at www.smart.com.

Art Dunham

About Sunday Hunting Why are we now being faced with the possibility of Sunday hunting? Already there seems to be an abundance of Indian cards being issued to persons in our area who may or may not be Indian at all, and these persons are telling us they can now hunt and shoot game any time of the year without fear of penalty. Do we want to have hunting around the clock and on every day of the week? Are we set to wipe out the animal world completely and destroy any hope of peace for people who like at least one quiet day in the week?

How about leaving us this one peaceful day in the week where we might be able to sit in our back yard and relax or take a walk on the road and enjoy nature without fear of having the solitude rudely broken or maybe even of being shot!

And listen up, folks. It is the Lords Day, after all!

Dorothy Thompson

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