| Jun 23, 2005

Feature article, June 16, 2005

Feature article June 16, 2005

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SLHS shop students build solar car

Rick Greenstreet, the auto shop teacher at Sharbot Lake High School, was looking for project that would challenge his third year senior shop students this year.

He decided to see if his students would be interested in building a solar powered car. With help from the Limestone Learning Foundation, Canadian Tire, who provided solar panels at a greatly reduced rate, County Auto Parts, Princess Auto, and Falls Iron and Metal, Greenstreet was able to gather materials for a solar car.

Students Ken Cox, Jeff Woolner, and Matt Boles took on different aspects of the project, and worked through all the problems associated with building a vehicle from scratch.

Eventually they abandoned the heavy structure they had originally been using, and built a frame out of aluminium, necessitating learning how to weld alimunium.

Finally, the car was ready for a test drive, and it completed several laps around the High School parking lot.


Next semester, shop students will keep working on the vehicle to improve its reliability and performance.

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