| Aug 25, 2005

Feature Article - August 25

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Feature Article

August 25, 2005

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Wasn't it a party!

by Wilma Kenny

Sydenham rocked at Saturday night’s Water Aid benefit concert. An enthusiastic audience of over 700 were on hand for a full night of music headlined by Dan Aykroyd and the Ila Vann All Stars.

Whose_christmasTwo Ottawa area groups, Donkey Punch and Colonel Angus opened the show with great energy, playing covers of classic rock. Ila Vann’s jazzy blues brought a crowd up to the foot of the stage: the connection between Vann and her l Ila Vann isteners was immediate and electric. When Dan charged onstage with his Chicago blues, the crowd went wild and the temperature soared.

Following a magnificent buffet lunch, Emily Fennell and her band brought the night home with hits from the 70's and 80s, including some excellent Janis Joplin pieces.

During the breaks between sets, several small local groups (Simmonds & Woodwind, Acoustic Hemp, Time Street and Amanda Sorenson) delighted the crowd outside with their music.

The whole amazing evening was possible because of the enormous generosity of the performers and local and area businesses. All the musicians donated their time and talents: with few exceptions, all the food and all the backstage, beforehand and afterward work was also donated. The concert succeeded

Dan Aykroyd beyond expectation, raising over $25,000 for Water Aid. This money has been handed over to the

Central Frontenac Community Services agency: they will accept applications from villagers who want help paying for their part of the Sydenham water, and the money will be distributed according to need.

The Sydenham Water Relief Committee extends heartfelt thanks to all who helped make the evening such a success, especially Dan Aykroyd and Ila Vann and her band. This week’s paper hasn’t room to run the full list: watch for it in next week’s edition.

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