| Oct 13, 2005

Feature Article - October 13, 2005

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Feature Article

October 13, 2005

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Crimson River release their first CD

by Jeff Green

Whose_christmas(click image for larger view) “Thank Him for the Miracle” is the title of a newly released southern Gospel CD by the group Crimson River. The band had not yet been performing for a year but when the CD release concert was held at their home base in Verona, 230 people attended.

Crimson River came about after Frank Daw, Ron Snider and Harold Ball, who had been performing as a vocal trio, accepted an engagement at the Wesley Acres Campground in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County, with Ron’s wife, Evelyn joining them on keyboards. One of the other performers at that event was Terena Grice, a guitarist and vocalist. Terena joined in on several Crimson River numbers, and has since joined the band. In May, the band decided to record a CD of material they had been playing, mainly southern gospel numbers.

The recording process went remarkably well, confirming the feeling of the band members that it was indeed the right time for this project to be taking place.

This was very important to them because of the background of the band. Ron Snider used to perform with his family band, the Sniders, who were well known throughout the region, until the tragic death three years ago of his twin brother and performing partner, Don Snider. “It took quite a while until we were ready to start a new project like this,” recalls his wife Evelyn.

The new CD, entitled “Thank Him for the Miracle” is reminiscent of some of the music of United States based southern gospel family bands such as The Whites, Signature Sound and The Isaacs.

Highlights include an upbeat version of “Amazing Grace” the title track “Thank Him for the Miracle” and “Hallelujah Side”.

Crimson River will be performing several times in the coming months, including a Fundraiser Performance for Pinegrove Free Methodist Church on Nov 5th to be held at Verona Free Methodist Church. Band members are handling CD sales, and interested parties are encouraged to phone Eva Ball at 374-2447, or Ron and Evelyn Snider at 374-2587.

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