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Feature Article - October 6, 2005

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Feature Article

October 6, 2005

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New CentralFrontenac Road Work Hotline

Residents of Central Frontenac now have a new way to get their roadwork done faster, according to an informational presentation on Tuesday byChris Matheson.Council and staff began the initiative to improve road maintenance service by using a new “Service Request Hotline” earlier this year. The “Service Request Hotline” allows residents to relay their concerns directly to the Works Department 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


By calling 613-279-2935 (the township’s main line) and then pressing 5, anyone can use the service request hotline. “Callers will be asked to leave a message with the location, the issue and a call-back number,” explained Chris Matheson, Township Information Technologist and Project Coordinator. “These messages are reviewed at the start of the next shift, and we can begin the process to resolve the issue immediately”. “Although this service uses voice mail, we’ve found it to be very effective,” Matheson continues. “We estimate that every request we’ve received has been completed faster than it would have been without this system.” The reason for this is the streamlining of the communication process.

“Staff address the most common concerns immediately, such as requests for road grading,” says Matheson. “These requests are kept on file, so that we can use them in preventative maintenance planning.”

Issues not defined in the level of service policies are forwarded up the chain of command. “People are still free to use other methods, but we hope they will see the benefits of this new system,” Matheson concludes.

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