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Feature Article - October 6, 2005

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Feature Article

October 6, 2005

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International Connections in CentralFrontenac

by Jim MacPherson

The week of September 26 was certainly a busy one around the Frontenac Electronic Waste Recovery centre and the Community Technology Development Centre refurbishing and training facility on Wagner Road.

A member of the Computers for Schools Kenya team, Mary Kahora began a 3 month placement with the refurbishing/recycling team at the Wagner Road site. Mary is working on thin client technology and network administration.


Mark Elliott, the teacher/manager of the CTDC refurbishing centre also welcomed Mr. Valentine Sualley for a week of training in the set up and operation of a thin client server and lab. Valentine is working on creating computer skills training centres in the West African nation of Sierra Leone and establishing a computer refurbishing centre based on the model of Computers for Schools.

Richard Clarke of Verona, a Youth Employee with the Land O’Lakes Communications Network, arrived in Kenya on September 29 to begin a five-month placement with the Computers for Schools Kenya team in the city of Nairobi. Richard will be working with the curriculum development group at CFSK assisting in computer based content for various subject areas.

Canadian Crossroads International arranged and funded the placements for both Mary and Richard. CCI is an international non-profit organization with a role to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience among Canadian and international partner organizations.

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