| Sep 22, 2005

Feature Article - September 22, 2005

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Feature Article

September 22, 2005

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South Frontenac institutes curbside recycling, bag tags

by Jeff Green

Bag tag systems are continuing their march through Frontenac County. Several years ago, Central Frontenac instituted a $1.00 bag tag at its waste disposal sites. Last year it was North Frontenac’s turn to bring in bag tags, instituting a $2 bag tag, but with an added wrinkle. A free tag is given out by dump attendants for every blue box of recycling that is brought to the site. Bag tags are not distributed to ratepayers in either township on an annual basis. They are purchased as needed by residents.


After spending a little over a year developing a waste management system to meet the needs and expectations of ratepayers in each of the four districts of the township, and at the same time seeking to comply with provincial regulations concerning recycling programs, South Frontenac has established a bag tag system in the three districts that have garbage pickup.

For residents in Portland, Loughborough and Storrington districts, garbage pickup will carry on as before, once each week. The only difference is that bag tags must now be affixed to the garbage bags. One hundred bag tags are being distributed annually to each residence at no charge, and further bag tags are available at a cost of $3 each. Recycling pickup is being commenced on a bi-weekly basis this month. Blue boxes are being distributed by recycling contractors.

South Frontenac Councillor Peter Roos, chair of the township’s sustainability committee, says the new recycling program in South Frontenac is extensive.

“The recycling will be picked up in three streams. All plastics, including plastic film, containers, styrofoam trays, and cans and glass can be mixed together. Paper, including milk and juice cartons, egg cartons, magazine and newsprint should be kept in a separate pile. The only exception is corrugated cardboard, which must be separated from other paper products.”

Recycling can be placed in a blue box, or separately if there is too much volume.

In Portland and Loughborough the new system replaces a curb-side pickup system whereby up to two bags per week were picked up each week, but recycling was not picked up at all.

In Bedford district, where there is no garbage pickup, the dump sites are being upgraded with new fencing. A full recycling depot drop off service is now available at the Bradshaw, Salem, Green Bay, and Massassauga Waste Disposal sites, and some site hours have been extended for the Victoria Day to Thanksgiving time period. Bag tags are not required for dumping at Bedford Waste Disposal Sites.

With waste disposal being run by district in South Frontenac, whereas it is managed on a township basis in Central and North Frontenac, coming up with a harmonious system throughout the township has been a challenge for the sustainability committee.

“There was a lot of diversity in points of view,” offers Peter Roos, in describing the process undertaken by the Sustainability Committee to set up the new system.

Residents in Portland, Loughborough, and Storrington will have to put bag tags on their garbage, which is a change, but since they are receiving 100 free bag tags, costs should not increase for the average resident.

Taxpayers in South Frontenac pay a waste disposal fee each year as part of their tax bill. The fee varies by district but exceeds $100 in all cases.

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