| Sep 22, 2005

Feature Article - September 22, 2005

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Feature Article

September 22, 2005

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Walk to end poverty

Whose_christmasAugusto Paez (click image for larger view) Augusto Paez, an anti-poverty activist from Ottawa, passed through the Land o’ Lakes this week while walking from Ottawa to Peterborough to raise awareness about poverty in Canada. Paez is a member of SWAN (The Somerset Western Anti-Poverty Network), a self help group in the Somerset Region of Ottawa. Paez, who lives on a disability pension himself, decided to do the walk because he felt frustrated with the political reponse SWAN has been receiving from governent in the struggle for a dignified life for the working poor and people living on assistance. “I had to do something,” Paez says of his decision to undertake the walk, which will end when Paez joins with a group from Peterborough for a rally in Toronto at the end of September.Paez says he is mindful of this week being the 25th anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope. “I looked at pictures of Terry Fox, and thought about his struggle, and I thought, I have two legs; if he could run on one leg, I can walk on two.”

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