| Sep 22, 2005

Feature Article - September 22, 2005

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Feature Article

September 22, 2005

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AH says no to COMRIFexpense

by Jeff Green

Faced with consulting fees in excess of $20,000, in addition to the $7,000 spent preparing an application to the Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (COMRIF) back in the spring, Addington Highlands Council has decided to say no thanks.

The COMRIF program, which will be doling out $400 million in grants for the second of three intakes, has set out new guidelines this time, requiring complete engineering studies be done for road work. After their first application to COMRIF was rejected for roadwork on the Hughes Landing/Skootamatta road, Addington Highlands Council considers it unlikely that the road work will receive funding in round 2.


“We are considering re-submitting the same application from the last round,” said Reeve Ken Hook, “even though it is unlikely it will receive funding. But it is also unlikely that spending another $20,000 will increase our chances very much.”

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