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Feature Article - September 8, 2005

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Feature Article

September 8, 2005

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Mitchell CreekBridge can be kept open for the winter: SouthFrontenac Council, September 6, 2005

by Wilma Kenny


Township engineer Steve Archibald reported further deterioration of Mitchell Creek Bridge, but said the bridge could still be kept open for the winter if some temporary repair work were done and the speed limit lowered to 10 km/hr. He recommended this. Ross Sutherland read a letter sent by the friends of Mitchell Creek to Transport Canada, which argues that because the original bridge was legal (it spanned a swamp rather than a navigable waterway,) replacing the original girders and decking might well be an acceptable solution. Archibald noted that Transport Canada is addressing the fact that the present day bridge does span a navigable waterway. The long-range bridge issue remains unresolved.Trailer Saga Continues

CAO Gord Burns informed Council that because many trailer owners have ignored all notices concerning licensing or removal of trailers, staff is now taking steps to enforce the trailer by-law. They will institute legal action in all cases not resolved by September 15. As well, trailer owners must arrange to have the Public Health Unit inspect their sanitary facilities, to ensure the trailers are not polluting their sites. Fee for this inspection is $110. Letter of Credit not Required

Council passed a by-law authorizing the contract between the Township and Larmon Lawn Care for the provision of garbage pick-up in Storrington district. Storrington does not require a letter of credit from its contractors, thus setting a precedent for similar contracts in the other Township districts.Bedford Truck Replacement Deferred over Colour Issue

Having earlier determined that all township trucks should be orange, council foundered over the decision of whether to wait longer or pay more to get a truck of the right colour, or to assume the expense of repainting a new (non-orange) truck themselves. This will be further discussed at the Committee of the Whole next Tuesday evening.

Maintaining the orange theme, Council approved the use of the Battersea ballfield for the Pumpkin Festival on October 15.Council Saves $134.

Township Engineer Archibald recommended Council pay $177,132 out of a budgeted $190,000 for a tandem truck snowplow, which would be delivered November first. After much discussion, Council opted instead to save $134 by purchasing a truck that would not be delivered until January.Coyotes vs ‘Coons

Council confirmed that they would only pay compensation to property owners whose livestock had been murdered by wolves, coyotes or bears, as the Province will not reimburse the Township for offenses committed by any other creatures such as raccoons, mink, etc.

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