| Sep 15, 2005

Feature Article - September 15, 2005

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Feature Article

September 15, 2005

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The further adventures of Whiticar, the Balderson Moose

You may have wondered what’s become of Whiticar, the Balderson Moose. Well, he’s had quite an adventure.

After months of faithfully keeping watch outside the Balderson Cheese store, Whiticar went missing one night and was discovered badly bruised and beaten in a ditch. Restored to health, he was returned to Balderson once again to welcome visitors to the cheese and chocolate stores. Then a few months ago, a couple of mindless brutes stole him again, breaking his legs and injuring one of his splendid antlers.

Whiticar, showing his true Canadian heart, escaped and bravely made his way to Tim Horton’s in Almonte, confident that someone there could help him get back to Balderson.


Unfortunately, back in Balderson, his troubles weren’t over. His family there found they were no longer able to care for him. So not only did Whiticar need operations to mend his legs and antler, he was now orphaned and homeless. A truly sad state of affairs.

Happily Whiticar’s situation has started to improve.

Up the road in Lanark Village, the Nature Lover's Bookshop has invited Whiticar to join its family of forest animals, such as Booker Bear, in welcoming visitors to explore the wonders of the store.

And that’s not all. Jerry Dowell, renowned for his skill in repairing car bodies, is also a talented moose doctor and has agreed to perform the orthopedic surgery Whiticar needs at the Perth Fair on Saturday, September 3. After the fair, Whiticar will travel to his new home in Lanark Village. His formal Adoption Party will take place at the Nature Lover's Bookshop, 62 George St, 2 pm, September 11. z

Come out and give Whiticar your moral support after all he’s been through. He’ll recover much more quickly knowing the spirit of the community is behind him.

Contact: Mary Vandenhoff, 613 259 5654.

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