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Feature Article - November 3, 2005

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Feature Article

November 3, 2005

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Will Leona bring COMRIFdollars? North Frontenac Council report

by Jeff Green

North Frontenac Mayor Ron Maguire announced to council last week that Leona Dombrowsky’s office called to say that in response to an invitation to visit council that was extended over a year ago, she might be paying a visit to the next council meeting on November 10.

“Cabinet ministers like to bring money along when they come to visit,” Mayor Ron Maguire said, “and we have received inquiries from the COMRIF people about our grant application this time around. So, maybe …”


North Frontenac has applied on two occasions for support from COMRIF, (the Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund) for a planned rebuilding of the one lane bridge over the Mississippi River on Road 509.

On the first occasion, number one of three scheduled intakes for the COMRIF program, the application was rejected. Eighteen jurisdictions within Eastern Ontario received funding in intake 1 of COMRIF. None of the townships within Frontenac County received funding.

Other notes from NF Council –

High School shop to build crosses – Councillor Dave Smith sought council’s approval for a plan to have the shop students at Sharbot Lake High School build 50 crosses, to be placed on unmarked graves at the Dempsey Cemetery. Smith presented a prototype of the crosses, and told council that the shop students will build them for the cost of material, which is $200 for the 50 signs. He also suggested that Council donate a further $150 to the shop program for the purchase of shop supplies. He said there are likely to be further similar arrangements made as other cemeteries in the township are mapped out.

“It would be nice to pay some respect to the people in these unmarked graves,” Smith said. Council concurred.

Small Municipalities resolution – Earlier this fall, Mayor Ron Maguire prepared a resolution concerning how very small municipalities are funded by the Province. The resolution proposed a more favourable mechanism, one that recognises how the economy of scale works against small municipalities. The resolution has been circulated to municipalities throughout Ontario. Sixty-one municipalities have now endorsed it, while 21 have received it for information.

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