| Nov 24, 2005

Feature Article - November 24, 2005

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Feature Article

November 24, 2005

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Letters to the Editor

Betrayed at LoblawsAs I shopped at Kingston's Midland Ave. Loblaws yesterday (Nov. 14th) I was upset and felt a sense of betrayal as I looked at the large display of USDA beef steaks for sale. Yes, it is perfectly legal to sell US beef but after all the trouble and suffering that our Canadian farmers have endured and after all the Anti-Canadian lobbying taking place in the US against our beef, it was like a slap in the face.

The staff at Loblaws were excellent and I filled out a comment card expressing my concern. However, I think that it will take a real public reaction before companies see more than dollar bills. Free Trade is supposed to be a two-way street and we, the shopping public, hold the key.


I would like to tell Loblaws (a Canadian company) that their loyalty to Canadians can be re-translated into Customers’ loyalty to Loblaws.

- Josephine Quesnel

Keeping Canada for CanadiansI'm MAD and I'm not gonna take it any longer!

Instead of fighting each other for access to the public taxpayer trough, I used to hope that the “honourables” we sent to Ottawa would think a little about their responsibility to keep Canada for me, my family, you and your family. I was wrong. Instead, I see our resources, our businesses, our military, even our laws coming under direct control of the USA. Not one of the elected parties -- Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, Bloc Quebecois -- appears to have the slightest interest in fending off the US takeover of our economy, our culture, our future society. Backbencher Carolyn Parrish is the notable exception, but she says she is quitting politics.

What would I have the MPs in the House of Commons debate, decide and act upon?

Question #1. How to retrieve the $5 billion stolen from Canada's softwood industry?

Answer: By cancelling NAFTA (6 months notice) and slapping an export tax on natural gas exports (4% will retrieve the $5 billion by spring). Two extra benefits ---we aren't required to send half our natural gas production to the USA, and we aren't required to charge Canadians as much as we charge Americans. We could expect to afford to keep warm every winter. Further control of our resources (oil, minerals, water), laws and businesses could follow.

#2. How to sidestep the Call-to-War by the US? Our tax money and our young people are being recruited to assist the foreign adventures of the US military and to pay off the Lockheed Martins, Boeings, General Electrics and other war-weapons corporations that are raiding 50% of the US treasury every year.

Answer: Repeal Canada's "anti-terrorist" legislation. We'll make and enforce our own laws. Retreat from NORAD and bring back the Canadian observers from the nuclear "defense" missile buildup in that Colorado mountain. Refuse to allow Statistics Canada to hire Lockheed Martin's assistance in accessing the personal census data of Canadians. Explain to Washington that CIA agents are not welcome in this country, that we will make our own provisions for the safety of our citizens, and will not need their kidnapping and torture arrangements.

#3a. How to fund the overdue improvements to our environment so that every Canadian has equal access to fresh air and clean water?

Answer: Create the money via the Bank of Canada, same as we did from 1939 to 1972. Then the provinces and municipalities can borrow at low, long term rates.

#3b. How to fund the overdue improvements to our infrastructure, our roads, rail beds, harbours? (Victoria, Saint John, Halifax, St. John's harbours are cesspools of untreated sewage!)

Answer: Via the Bank of Canada.

#3c. How to manage our national debt?

Answer: Have the Bank of Canada acquire increasing portions of the obligations, starting with all the foreign owned debt.

OK, this list could go on. But what can I do during this winter's "race" to the polls? I will actively campaign against the parties now in Ottawa. I will help raise the voice of Connie Fogal and her Canadian ACTION party -- the only party proposing these decisions and these ACTIONs. Being neither a provincial nor a regional party, it means to ACT on behalf of the common good, the interests of ALL Canadians. That makes sense to me. And, anyone willing to help can call me, Jerry Ackerman, at (613) 375-8256.

Train Museum

I have been following the reports in the Frontenac News regarding the establishment of a Railway Museum/Library to be built on the old CPR property. It is my understanding the building will be a replica of the original station, as closely as possible.

I lived in Sharbot Lake and was the CPR Agent there for over ten years until the station was closed {1957/68}. During my tenure, the CPR was a very important part of the community and employed many of the local residents.There were several passenger and freight trains passing through Sharbot Lake from Toronto and Ottawaas well as the north/south traffic between Kingston and Pembroke on the K&P tracks.

In the spring and fallpassengers and their baggage converged on Sharbot Lake by railfor the girls’ camp at Camp Oconto.The area farmers shipped many tons of maple syrup to distant destinations from this station.

During the last few years I have visitedthe lake on many occasions. It is like returning to the past -- very little has changed. Still there is my home, the same stores, and the many friends I have known.

I would like to thank the Frontenac News for keeping up to date on this on-going programmeand a very special thanks to the members and volunteers who are trying to preserve a small part of history. A special thanks to the chairman, Norm Landry,for his perseverance in working tirelessly with the counciland other parties involved.I am sure the council is working hard to make this happen becauseSharbot Lake certainly needs a home for its library and an attraction for the summer visitors and residence.

My best regards and support - Bill Robertson

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