| Dec 15, 2005

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December 15, 2005

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Gray MerriamLegaleseGeneral information and opinion on legal topics by Rural Legal ServicesNature Reflectionsby Jean GriffinNight Skiesby Leo Enright

Art Contest WinnersFirst Place Ages 4-5: Cailey Cotnam, PrinceCharles PSSecond Place Ages 4-5: Anya Tully, 5, Denbigh PSThird Place Ages 4-5: ChantalKeller, 4, Denbigh PS

First Place Ages 6-7: Jessica Wisteard, 7, Land o' Lakes PSSecond Place Ages 6-7: Alyssa Fluit, 6, Calvary Christian Academy

Third Place Ages 6-7:Brooke Doiron, 7, Denbigh PSFirst Place Ages 8-10: Brandy Armstrong, 9, Sharbot Lake PSSecond Place Ages 8-10: Miranda Cowdy, 8, Land o' Lakes PSThird Place Ages 8-10: Elijah Tully, 8, Denbigh PS

First Place Ages 11 and up: Kelsea Babcock, 11, Sharbot Lake PSSecond Place Ages 11 and up: Hannah Ellsworth, 11, Prince Charles PS


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