Feb 27, 2019

Nothing was settled at Sharbot Lake criminal court this month, with most matters being deferred until April 1.A warrant with discretion was issued regarding John Badour, who is expected to return to court on April 1 to deal with 6 charges: driving while impaired by alcohol, possession of stolen property valued over $5,000, impersonating another with intent to mislead a peace officer, failure to comply with court ordered terms, assault, and assault with a weapon. He was not in court on this occasion, but did have a lawyer in place to speak to the matter. Judge Griffin is expecting him to appear on April 1.Trial date set (sort of) – Patrick Sundstrum is facing 11 charges. There is one charge of possession of an illegal substance, and two each of: trafficking an illegal substance, production of an illegal substance, careless/use storage of a firearm, failure to stop for police, and unauthorized possession of firearms. His lawyer appeared in court and reported that he will be looking at documentation that he recently received from the crown regarding the search and seizure that precipitated the charges. He said he will then be speaking with the crown to see if the matter can be resolved without trial. Judge Griffin decided to set a trial date, as a backstop in case the case does not get resolved earlier on.Since there were 8 officers on the list of potential witnesses, and some of them are assigned to the Napanee detachment, it was impossible to confirm their availability on the spot, so two dates were set: July 15, and September 23.The matter will return on April 1st to be spoken to, at which point the trial date can be firmed up, if a trial is still necessary.Patricia Crawford is facing a charge of Threatening Death/Bodily Harm. She is seeking legal aide, although it is unclear if the Crown is indeed seeking jail time, and legal aide is not available otherwise. She will return on April 1.WithdrawalA charge of theft under $5,000 against Leslie Dunham was withdrawn at the request of the Crown after Ms. Dunham presented receipts for $125 in donations to a local agency.

First Appearances
Tod Boutilier was charged with operating a vehicle while disqualified. He will return on April 1.

Kevin Fenner is facing a charge of Fraud under $5,000. He will return on April 1.

Jonathan Loerchner is facing one charge of mischief under $5,000 and two charges of theft under $5,000. He will also return on April 1.

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