Sep 18, 2013

The Frontenac News is dedicated to providing you, our readers, high quality, factual regional news occurring within the distribution range of the Frontenac News.  We welcome your opinions on matters of importance within our community and strive to present our region in a favourable light.

The Frontenac News is guided by the following editorial criteria:

  1. has regional content from the distribution range of the Frontenac News
  2. meets acceptable journalistic standards of factual accuracy, writing style, balanced reporting and reader interest;
  3. whenever possible contributes to a sense of pride in the region, and when events and analyses do not present the region in a favourable light, then;
  4. the analyses and commentary should be presented in ways that don't unnecessarily polarize the community but could lead to constructive action;
  5. provides individuals an opportunity to publish well formulated opinions on matters of importance in the region.

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