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MALLA sounds the alarm again about Eurasian Millfoil

Written by  |  Wednesday, 29 August 2018 10:04  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
North Frontenac Council certainly paid attention what members of the Malcolm and Ardoch Lake Association (MALLA) had to say last Friday morning.(August 24). In a 20 minute presentation, MALLA President Glen Fowler was joined by Vice President Brenda Martin, Cathy Owne and two subject experts who have property on the lake, marine biologists Bud Griswold and Mary Gessner. They outlined not only the alarming increase in the spread of the millfoil on the shallow lake this year, but also the research they have done about how to try and manage an infestation of the seemingly innocuous plant. When it gets established, the millfoil forms a thick intertwined mat at the surface, capable of stopping the motor in a boat that passes through it. It was…

North Frontenac passes fees bylaw amendments, speed limits

Written by  |  Wednesday, 29 August 2018 10:03  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
After hearing from a delegation concerning the infestation of Eurasian milfoil on Malcolm Lake, North Frontenac Council passed a number of bylaws and resolutions at its regular meeting last Friday in Plevna. First up was changes to its Fees and Charges Bylaw and Building Bylaw to reflect a new fee structure recommended by the building department. The new fees are intended to recognize different types of construction including unique projects and the conjecture is that more than 50 per cent of new permits will feature lower costs and thus encourage reporting of smaller projects. The new bylaws also include provisions to allow residents to protest their fees and request an audit of costs involved when there is a disagreement. Council also passed changes to speed…

Acclamation allows Higgins to get started on planning for the next four years

Written by  |  Wednesday, 22 August 2018 12:31  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
North Frontenac Mayor Ron Higgins started working on plans for the future of the Township even before he knew he was going to be acclaimed. It was intended to be an election platform but “will now be my plans to discuss with the new Council,” he said. “(My main objective) is to continue my vision toward self-sustainability by preserving our pristine land, attracting new environmentally friendly businesses and young families into North Frontenac,” Higgins said. “Businesses will bring job opportunities for current and future residents and families will help to keep our Plevna school open. “Both will improve demographics, ensure growth and maintain or reduce taxes.” In terms of community, Higgins would like to see cell and broadband coverage address the still current gaps in…

Election fever in North Frontenac? Only among Catholics

Written by  |  Wednesday, 15 August 2018 10:31  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
Since all of the positions for North Frontenac Council (Mayor Ron Higgins, Coun. Fred Perry, Wayne Good, Gerry Martin, Vernon Hermer, John Inglis and Fred Fowler) have been acclaimed, as well as Limestone District School Board trustee Karen McGregor and French Language Public School Board (Le Conseil des Ecoles Publiques de L’Est de L’Ontario) trustee Rachel Laforest, you might think there’s no election coming to North Frontenac Township this October. Not so fast. In the Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board, Leslie Ford is challenging incumbent Wendy Procter and, in Le Conseil des Ecoles Catholiques de Langue Francaise du Centre-Est, Michel Charron is challenging incumbent Diane Burns. What that means is Clerk/Planning Manager Tara Mieske still has to go through the election planning exercise,…

Motorcycle group asks Council for road pass group discount

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 August 2018 10:31  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
The Bytown Motorcycle Association would like to use part of the Arcol Road for its Calabogie Boogie event Sept. 8 and 9 this year, and were at North Frontenac Council’s regular meeting Friday in Plevna with a proposal. The thing is, Arcol Road is one of North Frontenac’s Crown Land access roads, and it costs $12.95 for a use permit. “We’re only going to be on it for like, three minutes,” said Chris Davis, president of the Bytown Motorcycle Association. “Our ridership for this event is limited to 200, so we’re thinking like $3 each.” Davis said they’d like to enter into some type of long-term arrangement with the Township for use of its roads and trails. “We’d like to work with staff for an…

Fiddlers and Friends Return to Ompah

Written by  |  Wednesday, 01 August 2018 12:38  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
Fiddlers and Friends return for their yearly concert in Ompah on Thursday, August 9. The band loves to share their joy of music and zany sense of fun. They play a cheerful set of old-time fiddle tunes that has the audience clapping, toe-tapping and singing along. The fiddlers are accompanied by friends playing keyboard, bass, viola, cello, guitar, etc. Lois Webster is an unforgettable crowd favourite with her many homemade instruments and wacky costumes; one never quite knows what she will do next, and even keeps the band guessing. Fiddlers and Friends are delighted to entertain the Ompah audiences, who readily join in to become a real part of the concert. Folks often comment that it is such a fun concert that it feels like…

Cemeteries in North Frontenac To Be A Focal Point for CMCA in 2019

Written by  |  Wednesday, 25 July 2018 13:26  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
CMCA plans to undertake a comprehensive study of the 15 cemeteries in North Frontenac. The research work is planned to begin in the summer of 2019. CMCA will be looking for a partnership with the township for this extensive project and to many community members who have knowledge of specific cemeteries. Training of CMCA members and the North Frontenac Township staff, Sonia McLuckie, began on June 29. The Ontario Genealogical Society Cemetery Committee Chair, Joe Wilson, did an amazing job sharing the steps and process required to complete a cemetery study. Topics such as GIS mapping, websites to use, resource books to access, checklists to complete, and transcribing data were covered. The work session included a visit to a local cemetery, where participants learned how…

Ompah Community Association has been busy, finances healthy, AGM hears

Written by  |  Wednesday, 25 July 2018 13:26  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
The Ompah Community Association is in good shape financially, even after buying liability insurance and paying $5,000 to the Township for renovations to the kitchen, the Association heard at its Annual General Meeting Saturday morning in Ompah. The cash balance as of July 21, 2018 is $8,127.76 “We decided not to incorporate because that only protects the membership, not the executive,” said President Rob Harris. “So we’re an unregistered association. “But we needed the insurance, which includes some legal advice because all it takes is for someone to trip over a loose cord for us to get sued.” He said recent projects of the association have been a move-in package for new residents, addressing the “noticeable decline in attendance” at events (a recent dance was…

North Frontenac sky pad gaining in popularity but accommodations lacking

Written by  |  Wednesday, 18 July 2018 13:06  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
When the sun went down and the stars started to come out, at least 40 people were treated to a spectacular view of Saturn and its rings at the North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve near Plevna Saturday night. Also in the frame was the likelihood of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, but there was some discussion as to whether this was actually a star in the background and couldn’t be confirmed by press time. Saturday night was the third star party at the observation pad this summer (subsequent parties include (Aug. 11, 12 and 13, the Perseid meteor showers), Sept.1, seven planets, Oct. 6 featuring the autumn constellations) and also featured Jupiter and its four Galilean moons. The banding on Jupiter was also visible. While many…

North Frontenac has concerns over proposed boat launch on Palmerston Lake

Written by  |  Wednesday, 18 July 2018 13:05  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
While there’s likely nothing the Township can do about it, Council did express concerns about a planned new boat launch on Palmerston Lake in Ompah at its regular meeting last Friday. At the very least, they won’t be supporting Michael Widmeyer’s request for financial assistance for upgrades to accommodate larger boats and trailers to the private boat launch at the Palmerston Lake Marina. In fact, they’re not convinced it’s a good idea at all. “The problem I have with it is it’s a limited space,” said Public Works Manager Darwyn Sproule to Council. “The way the sketch is, the area is square and I’m concerned about pontoon boats attached to a half-ton encroaching on a busy highway.” “I’m also concerned about safety but how do…

Back Forty Artisan Cheese opens for season

Written by  |  Wednesday, 11 July 2018 12:34  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
The Reggae Band was a couple hours late showing up, but otherwise, spirits were high as Back Forty Artisan Cheese opened up for the season on Saturday at its Mississippi Station location. The home-base for the popular sheep cheese shop is open Saturdays from 10am to 4pm from now until “sometime around the end of September,” said owner/cheesemaker Jeff Fenwick. For the past three years, they’ve held a summer kick-off event featuring other unique area food experiences including Stalwart Brewery, Deep Fried Battered Curds, Chocolates by Ludwig Ratzinger and a barbecue from Seed to Sausage. “This is my vacation,” said Mike McKenzie of Seed to Sausage. “It’s the least I could do for such wonderful people.” For those unfamiliar with the Back Forty story, Jeff…

David Young in Concert

Written by  |  Wednesday, 11 July 2018 12:32  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
David Young is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Maine who will be appearing in concert in Ompah on July 19. David has deep roots in the Ompah area and has spent many-a-summer swimming in Palmerston Lake and playing guitar with his grandpa, popular local musician Dave Young. As a boy, David performed in Ompah several times. Over the years, it has been impressive to watch his growth in skill and comfort on stage.   David performs a variety of genres from folk to rock to country and blues. He has played up and down the east coast of Maine and is delighted to be in Ompah again. David is an accomplished guitar player and singer and he has been mentored along the way by his grandpa.…

K & P Trail expansion in North Frontenac unlikely in near future

Written by  |  Wednesday, 27 June 2018 12:11  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
Expansion of the K & P Trail into North Frontenac and beyond was on the minds of North Frontenac Council at its regular meeting last week in Plevna but there was little optimism that it would happen any time soon. “This will be something for the next Council,” said Mayor Ron Higgins. “The next five Councils,” corrected Dep. Mayor Fred Perry. CAO Cheryl Robson said the CAOs have been discussing it and should have a report coming to all the township councils in the near future. “Richard (Allen, Frontenac County’s manager of economic development) should be meeting with interested groups and exploring partnerships like with Lanark and Renfrew Counties,” said Coun. Denis Bedard. “Richard’s in a difficult position,” said Coun. John Inglis, North Frontenac’s representative…

Clar-Mil Archives Wins Award

Written by  |  Wednesday, 27 June 2018 12:10  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
On Sat., June 23, CMCA Co-ordinator Brenda Martin, member Sheryl Weber and Mayor Ron Higgins travelled to the Japanese International Centre in Toronto to accept the Dorothy Duncan Ontario Historical Society award. This award recognizes a not-for-profit organization that has demonstrated an outstanding level of service to its region. The year 2017 was a very productive year for conserving local history for future generations, as the Clarendon & Miller Community Archives motto declares. The committee worked diligently to produce three books – Lodges: Past and Present in North Frontenac, Memories of General Stores in North Frontenac, and Historic Tours of North Frontenac. A Virtual Tour component was later launched to complement the tour book. The CMCA also designed ten historic signs that were installed throughout…

Giving thanks and moving up at the North Frontenac Food Bank

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 June 2018 13:48  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
There are lots of changes afoot at the North Frontenac Food Bank, both in the background and in public. The first is the ‘retirement’ of the longest serving Food Bank Volunteer, Alex McLeod. Alex first started volunteering for the Food Bank when it was closely tied to the Sharbot Lake Anglican Church and pastor Bruce Geddes. He also worked with Brenda Piatt, one of the early and longest serving directors of the Food Bank, all the way until the present day, a total of 24 years. A plaque was presented to him at a food bank board meeting last Wednesday (June 12). That same day was the last day of the year when the Granite Ridge Lakers Program students were scheduled to come in and…

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