Goats or Retirees

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Excitement about factory goats raises basic questions. Is the goal profit? For whom? Feihe will enforce contracts to guarantee amounts and qualities of goat milk to assure their profits. Small, part-time herds won't fit. Perhaps county representatives should visit some Mediterranean islands to assess the quality of a goat-impacted landscape. Goat desert! So only in big barns. Where to source the feed supply? And then there is the other end! The Netherlands' intensely planned pork industry expansion was down-scaled because the feed was all imported from elsewhere. So the manure output could not be used locally, could not be sold, and did devastate local waterways (and airways). Our other development opportunity is retirees coming to the Frontenacs. Attracted by the superior landscapes and lakes, they…

RE: Candidate ANSI Redesignation

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I am writing to express the serious concern of the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust (MMLT) regarding the proposed Amendment to Lanark County’s Official Plan (OP) that would remove candidate ANSI (Area of Natural Scientific Interest) designation from a number of provincially or regionally significant natural areas and re-zone these areas, partially or entirely, as rural. Such action would put at risk ecologically significant lands and is contrary to the importance that the County attaches to the natural environment in its current OP. The proposal is inappropriate as an example for natural heritage protection for lower tier municipalities. MMLT is a non-profit charitable organization that works in and on behalf of the people and communities of the region to preserve ecologically sensitive lands for the long…


Written by  |  Wednesday, 22 February 2017 13:36  |  Published in Letters
Just read your piece about the OMB hearing and have some comments from my own experience. When the OMB heard appeals on the 2002 Official Plan and, a year later, similar appeals on the Zoning by-law, it was clear that the Township had not done any “rigorous” study (the Board’s word) but a just a cut and paste of some other Township’s by-laws. The Planner’s evidence was that the increase in lot size and frontage was to protect the lakes in the northern two-thirds of the Township. It has never been clear why the minimum lot size for non-waterfront lots was doubled and there has been no study done in the intervening years even though the OMB “urged” the Township to do one. So we…

RE- NF Council Shrinkage

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Oh, dear, here we go again. That old notion of a smaller municipal council is being trotted out once more in North Frontenac. Well, a five-member Council was a bad idea in 2013, and it’s a bad idea now. The new proposal is slightly different, but the arguments against it are just as valid now as they were then. Cutting the number of councillors from seven down to five would reduce both the effectiveness and the responsiveness of our local government. Good government requires a critical mass and a diversity of perspectives. Having fewer voices at the council table would limit the range of ideas and the scope of dialogue and debate on the many issues townships have to deal with. And consider the highly…

Re - Electoral Reform

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Did I wish/hope to see a different electoral system than First Past The Post?  You bet your socks I did!  Am I disappointed that will not be the case for the next election, yes, very.  The real question I should have asked and answered however, is,  “Was I surprised at the seeming turn around to explore different options?”  That would be a no.  In April of 2005 I was visiting family in British Columbia.  All over were large highway signs promoting electoral reform options in the May referendum.  I was excited.  I was so pleased to see a jurisdiction actually addressing the discrepancy of First Past The Post and doing something about it.  The question in that referendum was heavily defeated  60% to 40%. How…

Going Backwards in SF

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ln a short sighted decision, the South Frontenac (SF) Council approved the budget of 2017 and simultaneously undermined one of the major tenets of the SF Waste Management Bylaw 20050098: '... The Township of South Frontenac deems it desirable to collect revenues for waste management services in an equitable fashion based on use rather than through the imposition of special rates or an increase in municipal taxes. Previously, residents had paid a solid waste (user) fee of $120 per dwelling unit. Now, the fee will no longer reflect the number of dwelling units per property, but simply the assessed value of the property - the higher the assessed value the more you pay, whether you produce a lot of garbage or none. The cost is…

Down The Garden Path. Oh, Mr. Trudeau, how could you!

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So you didn’t get your Alternative Vote system. I agree, it would have helped to ensure Liberal victories. You would be in the middle between the ‘godless communists’ on the left and the ‘fascist capitalists’ on the right. But, to quote the Rolling Stones, “you don’t always get what you want.” It seemed like if I can’t have it my way, then no one gets to play - a grade school hissy fit. The Prime Minister also canceled his election promise of electoral reform mainly because there was no consensus. Liberals, meaning Trudeau, want the alternative ballot, the NDP and Green Parties want proportional representation, and the Conservatives want a referendum. Is is not the Prime Ministers role to find consensus and compromise? Clearly, he…

Re Electoral Reform

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 February 2017 14:14  |  Published in Letters
I’m feeling disheartened and angry about the Liberal decision to abandon their promise of electoral reform. Having rejected the recommendations of an all party task force, the government put out a nonsensical survey to the Canadian public last Fall. Now, while our attention was on the Quebec City massacre and the immigration ban in the U.S., it was revealed last week that there will be no electoral reform under their government. The timing of this announcement, along with the ineptitude of the survey, is suspect. I believe Trudeau never intended to bring about electoral reform, even though he campaigned hard on it this past election. Our electoral system is flawed and needs fixing so that all votes count, and so that many of us voting…

Re: South Frontenac Wastes an Opportunity

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I would like to address some of the points raised. The “inequality” of waste management tax is no different than any other fee. Does the waterfront property owner expect better snow removal, better policing or better fire protection? Yet, they do pay more in taxes. A 2015 US study from the JPMorgan Chase Institute concluded that consumer spending, hence consumption, does go up with income although it is not linear. With more consumption there will also be a proportional increase in waste; therefore, pay more. Who says the bag tags are “free”? Yes, we don’t pay for them directly but I have no doubt that the cost of the tags is present in the waste management budget. If we were to pay more for the…

Thanks to Community

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On January 14 we suffered the devastating loss of our home, when it was severely damaged by fire. On that day and on every day since, we have received amazing support from family, friends, and the community, and we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone. Thank you to the firemen who spent over 7 hours putting the fire out and who made sure they brought out every photo and picture they could retrieve, my purse, my husbands wallet, and many other items that meant so much to us....thank you for the donations of clothing, and to the neighbours who gave us coats on the day of the fire; thank you to everyone who has stopped us in the street or in a store…

Open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

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I am profoundly shocked by your government's decision to renege on your commitment to meaningful electoral reform. Your father and my father, the late Hon. Eugene Forsey, were friends. And so many of us trusted you. When you came to office we had hope. We thought you would respect Canadians' clear desire for an electoral system based on proportional representation – a desire on which the Special Committee found extensive agreement: "71.5% of respondents either strongly agreed (59.1%) or agreed (12.4%) with the statement “Canada’s electoral system should ensure that the number of seats held by a party in Parliament reflects the proportion of votes it received across the country”:[258] (from the Committee's Report, referring to their online consultation. An even higher percentage of submissions…

Re building code and South Frontenac

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As per our new CBO: I called to see if Mr. Arcand would extend the same level of enforcement enjoyed by Amherstview. The answer was NO. I asked if he intended to enforce regulations around waterproofing and soil gas control. The answer was NO. Thankfully the Ontario Building Code is very easy to understand. If Mr. Arcand fails to enforce the requirements you can sue South Frontenac for damages. Everything from leaky basements to lung cancer. If the damages are below $25,000 you may sue in small claims court (leaky basements). If the damages are greater (lung cancer) you must appeal to the Superior Court of Ontario.

Re Fur

Written by  |  Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:25  |  Published in Letters
Imagine my surprise when I came upon a CTV News show from London Ont. Featuring a news clip about Animal Rights Activists protesting against fur, leather, wool, and feathers! The protestors were taking clothing manufacturers to task for making coats, bags and shoes from our animal friends. I watched and listened with amusement to these city snobs spouting the same old outdated rhetoric from years ago. They knew nothing about the new regulations that trappers must comply with and they choose not to know because then they might have to adjust their outmoded thinking on this issue. If they had their way none of us could own a down-filled jacket, leather boots or heaven forbid a fur coat! What really astounded me was when a…

Re - waste fee in SF

Written by  |  Wednesday, 11 January 2017 13:17  |  Published in Letters
We are concerned and puzzled to learn that the Township of South Frontenac is trying to eliminate the current bag tag system, also known as pay as you throw (PAYT), and lump the waste disposal fee into property taxes. PAYT  is based on two guiding principles: 1- the polluter pays, and 2- the shared responsibility concept.In general, PAYT allows some or all of the cost of waste management to be removed from property tax bills. Waste management services can then be treated like other utilities such as water or electricity. It is accepted that you pay according to your level of consumption. The more you use, the more you pay. There is incentive to reduce consumption. With PAYT, the incentive is to create less garbage,…

Re: Left wing conspiracy and About that elephant

Written by  |  Wednesday, 07 December 2016 15:20  |  Published in Letters
We’re back to ‘outing lefties’ are we? I guess, not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for the new fascism to rear its ugly head in our corner of the world, since it’s always been here, lurking under the surface, reserved for private conversations. But it has now been given a bold new face. The only good thing about this is that it gives us an opportunity to have the conversation. To out everyone’s opinion. The useful thing about fascism is that it enables us to lay the blame for our problems on others, instead of taking responsibility ourselves. As history has shown, this is particularly useful when times are tough, when people are hurting. But fascism is intolerant of the range of opinion, beliefs, and…

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