Re: Forsey and Castro

Written by  |  Wednesday, 07 December 2016 15:16  |  Published in Letters
Helen Forsey’s gushing tribute to El Commandante and praise for Trudeau II’s supposed “guts” is emblematic of the naïveté that results in mass graves-or ignores them when they are being dug. Since she values truth, let’s talk about truth. While Ms. Forsey was ‘finding herself’ with CUSO in Latin America, Castro was complicit in genocidal activities in Africa as part of the same ‘Revolution’ she supported then (and clearly supports now). As documented by American journalist Robert  D. Kaplan and also by French Marxist Stephane Courtois, Cuban involvement in Ethiopia during the 1970s and 1980s contributed to the Ogaden War and subsequent destabilization and famine in Somalia which later prompted UN intervention in 1992-93. Similarly, over 15 000 Cuban troops and their supporting aircraft were…

Re – Trudeau and Castro

Written by  |  Wednesday, 30 November 2016 17:15  |  Published in Letters
Fidel Castro was a controversial and legendary figure, with amazing accomplishments in health and education - exactly as Justin Trudeau said. I am proud that our Prime Minister has the guts to speak the truth about the late Cuban President. Despite flaws and errors, Castro was too great a leader and too complex a man for small reactionary minds to understand. It's Donald Trump and Kellie Leitch who should be ashamed of their pettiness and ignorance. Having lived in non-revolutionary Latin America, I know something of what the Cuban leadership had to overcome and how huge an accomplishment their revolution was. I visited Cuba myself, first in the glory days of 1978 and then in 1993 during the “special period.” Since my Spanish is fluent,…

Re – Raised Eyebrows

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In printing by letter – Rasied Eybrows on November 10, your editing changed the intent. My concern was to suggest the trail head in Verona be named for Anne Marie Young, because of the waste of money spent on a trail from Kingston City limits to Sharbot Lake to connect with the Trans Canada Trail. The city section of the trail is non-motorises so how do people travel from the Trans Canada Trail to Kingston? They would need to park at Orser Road and walk the rest of the way, or maybe call a taxi. As for Verona being a trail-head, it is not the beginning of the trail, and land would need to be purchased for this with money they don;t have (unless they…

Left wing conspiracy!

Written by  |  Wednesday, 30 November 2016 17:06  |  Published in Letters
Oh dear! Just when I thought we were all saved by Donald's election, along comes a correspondent to the news, who suggests (November 24) that there are still remnants of leftish, liberal thoughts infecting the body civil and politic, including publisher and editor, Mr. Green. Oh my! In a week which saw the celebrated death of super leftie, Fidel Castro, the suggestion that our beloved editor might harbour such sentiments was a real downer. My angst was deepened further when Justin Trudeau expressed sorrow at Castro's death. Donald may now exact a fearsome revenge, returning Cuban resorts to the mob, and denying the human rights of Canadian winter refugees, seeking temporary solace  in and on the unspoiled beaches and unpolluted waters of this socialist state!…

Re: South Frontenac budget

Written by  |  Friday, 25 November 2016 14:33  |  Published in Letters
Having read the front page (South Frontenac budget Set for 2.2% tax increase, Nov 17th) I am wondering where common sense has gone with South Frontenac council? An increase of 2.2% every year for 10 years is above the cost of living for Ontario & above any income increase we may get in our household & a lot of others for the next ten years. At the moment property taxes are based on the value of the property set by MPAC therefore the higher the value of the property the higher the tax bill. The higher valued properties are already paying more for roads & services etc. than a lesser value property & you want to increase it even more? I am at a loss for…

Re: About that Elephant

Written by  |  Friday, 25 November 2016 14:29  |  Published in Letters
Jeff Green, in his editoral "About that elephant, Nov 17/16" delineates his view from the left corner of his left eye in the November 17, 2016 issue of the Frontenac News.  As a loyal and dedicated member of the main stream libbie movement, his statements me, specifically, ..."my feelings of unease are settling into a sense of dread." Interesting. Why is he so afraid of a man who will be tough on crime, illegal alien criminals, unvetted moslems, and mayoral proclaimed illegal "sanctuary cities" that are magnets to the afore mentioned groups? I wonder where his sense of dread was when the POTUS enabled the Iranian islamofascists to acquire ICBM nuclear warheads, or when the same pseudo leader released over 8000 felons in an amnesty…

Re: Funds transfer raises eyebrows at County

Written by  |  Wednesday, 09 November 2016 21:08  |  Published in Letters
Letter Funds transfer raises eyebrows at County, Sep 29/16  Taxpayer eyebrows should be raised with fund transfers from the Kingston/Frontenac renovated program to the K&P Trail. Congratulations to those who voted against this scheme. Shame on non-elected staff for suggesting draining a reserve fund, and elected officials for approving the use of funds for non-intended purposes. What happens in the future when federal and provincial funds do not exist. How can you feel sorry for Anne-Marie Young and economic development making offers to purchase without funds to meet obligations. There is an age-old answer in Luke 14-28 “for which of you, intending to build a tower (read trail) sitteth not down first and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it.” With the…

Re: Hartington Protest Walk

Written by  |  Wednesday, 09 November 2016 21:02  |  Published in Letters
First of all, I want to thank Frontenac News for covering The Hartington Protest walk, Oct 20/16. As a community we are working hard to fund our fight to protect our vulnerable water supply. This proposed subdivision poses a very real threat to both the quantity and quality of our water. Secondly, we did not organize this walk in protest of anything. It was a fund raiser. We are very proud of the women, mostly Grandmothers, who raised over $3000.00 with this walk. Thirdly, I want to correct a statement that was made in the article. It was stated that "The walk was designed as a way to raise money for the appeal of a South Frontenac Township decision to approve a new subdivision that…

Re: Why Canada needs to be wary of President Hillary Clinton

Written by  |  Wednesday, 19 October 2016 21:07  |  Published in Letters
Re: Why Canada needs to be wary of President Hillary Clinton, Frontenac News , Oct 13/16 While most Americans share a communal disappointment with the ethical caliber of this year's American presidential candidates, it seem strange and misplaced that the Frontenac News' Jeff Green would choose Hillary Clinton as a primary target for Canadian wariness and suspicion when Canadians have so many other domestic and foreign causes of concern. For example, although American and Canadian Arctic sovereignty claims differ and overlap in some ways, Russia's Putin is posed to make a huge grab for Arctic control as Canada sits idly by with a few rusting coast guard ships and a national defense force perpetually underfunded by Canadian politicians more interested in funding outrageous relocation expenses for…

Frontenac County Survey!

Written by  |  Wednesday, 19 October 2016 21:05  |  Published in Letters
If County Staff and Council wants to know what residents think or know about Frontenac County, this survey will not provide many answers. Many potential responders are seasonal property owners and they will not know this survey even exists. Most permanent residents actually have some serious thoughts and opinions but they will go unheard because they can’t meet the imposed 21 Oct deadline. That’s eight days or less to obtain the document, think about it, make comments and get the survey back to County. With these restrictions, this is not a survey. It will be just another consultant report based on a consultant’s opinion that the County has to pay for. If County really wants to know what we think then they can facilitate a…

Re Frontenac County transfer from reserves to K&P Trail

Written by  |  Wednesday, 19 October 2016 21:02  |  Published in Letters
Re Frontenac County transfer from reserves to K&P Trail, (A matter of Trust, Editorial by Jeff Green, Sept 29) Our Frontenac County Council recently did what I see as a travesty of social justice by choosing to take $300,000 from a reserve fund geared at helping low-income residents to remain in their homes, and use it to purchase land that is required to complete the K&P Trail. With the cost of hydro & heating spiralling out of control I feel certain in stating low income families are far more concerned with being energy conscious in their own homes than worrying about where Frontenac County is going to come up with the monies for the K&P trail. Our CAO Kelly Pender said we have already made offers…

Re: “Can't kick the cat..”

Written by  |  Thursday, 13 October 2016 00:25  |  Published in Letters
In reference to Edie Cairns’ letter titled "Can’t kick the cat..." (Frontenac News, October 6, 2016), unfortunately I *have* seen people commit this crime, but what I think she is trying to say doesn't really have much to do with the true facts of the situation of life in Ontario. For starters, the majority doesn't, (or at least shouldn't), blame "the guys with the orange hats" for the insane prices that we have to pay just to keep our lights turned on in Ontario. For my household of self, wife, and 3 sons, (and one of the boys has 2 children), it has been $846.66 per month for 10 straight months with no relief in sight. Yes folks, that would be more than $10,000 per…

Mayor Higgins helps nuclear lobby raise electricity rates

Written by  |  Thursday, 13 October 2016 00:23  |  Published in Letters
Mayor Higgins of North Frontenac, who led the charge against against windmills at the local level in Eastern Ontario, is celebrating the cancellation of wind projects in Ontario. The cancellation is a sign that the nuclear lobby has defeated renewable power in Ontario. Mr. Higgins has his reasons for opposing windmills but his opposition has been enormously helpful to the nuclear lobby, which is celebrating its victory by asking the Ontario Energy Board for a rate increase to pay for refurbishing its dangerous nuclear reactors, which produce 60% of Ontario's electricity. With the cancellation of large-scale wind projects, the main obstacle to the expensive refurbishments of the aging nuclear fleet has now been removed. Nuclear now has a monopoly on the production of electrical power…

Can’t kick the cat, but it’s okay to dump on Hydro One

Written by  |  Wednesday, 05 October 2016 21:48  |  Published in Letters
When I was a young girl, it was not uncommon to hear the expression, “Mad enough to kick the cat!” I never actually saw anyone kick a cat, but saying you might did not land you in jail or court. Those days are long past, so now when we are disgruntled or looking to lash out, we have to find other targets. In Ontario, topping the list of bashable subjects rides Hydro One! Something wrong in your life; blame Hydro! Wishing you had more money; blame Hydro! Remember in ‘98 when you trekked through the ice in your yard or fields with a box of cookies and a tray of hot coffee, grateful to find a team of orange-hatted workers toiling in the freezing rain,…

Nuclear power prices

Written by  |  Wednesday, 28 September 2016 23:20  |  Published in Letters
According to the Ontario Energy Board, Ontario Power Generation is asking for a large rate increases to pay for refurbishing nuclear reactors. This rate increase is based on the refurbishments happening on time and on budget. Nuclear projects have never been on time or on budget.

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