Letter – re vote in AH

Written by  Wednesday, 30 January 2019 14:34
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Craig Bakay quotes Addington Highlands Reeve Hogg as saying: “There were about 30 people at the meetings and so you don’t know if that’s representative.”

Reeve Hogg, having decided that the cannabis issue required direct consultation with constituents, apparently believes that it is acceptable to then dismiss those of his constituents who came out on cold January evenings, in good faith and at his behest, because he doesn't "know if that's representative".

I find it disrespectful to dismiss those who took the time to accede to his request and attend his meetings. Especially so since there was no indication from the Reeve prior to the meetings that a certain number of people would be required before he would deem the meetings to be "representative".

Paul Isaacs

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