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Written by  Gordon Darrall Wednesday, 05 December 2018 14:17
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Before the last municipal election, I attended an all-candidates meeting at the Storrington Centre.  Two of the candidates commented that now our local MPP, Randy Hillier, was in the elected government, South Frontenac had a better chance of receiving provincial funding for some outstanding projects.

When I read in the November 29 edition, “Hillier Taking Aim”, I wondered “Who is Randy Hillier?”

First, as a taxpayer, I can write a letter of complaint to the Minister of Environment, Conservation, and Parks.  As an MPP of the party in government, I would have expected that Hillier would have a working relationship with every cabinet minister.  Can’t he arrange to meet with a cabinet minister and have his concerns heard, or does he have to write a letter like the rest of us?  Is he heard in his own caucus?

Secondly, Randy Hillier has made his reputation as a complainer, first, with the Ontario Landowners Association and then as a member of the provincial opposition.  This can be an important role, but as our MPP within the government, I expect that he would be more of a doer, not a complainer.   Why is he not working with the MVCA and RVCA to find them more provincial funding (funding that was cut in 1996)? Will the politicians and tax payers in South Frontenac find that Randy Hillier is working to bring provincial funding  to our outstanding projects?

Who are you, Randy Hillier? A doer or the same old complainer?

Gordon Darrall

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