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Written by  Laurabell Miller Wednesday, 08 November 2017 17:13
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As a retired registered nurse living in Denbigh, I am writing to tell how important it is to keep the Denbigh ambulance. Working in intensive care as I did. We were instructed by the Doctors the importance of “Door to needle”. That is this -person with Myocardial Infarction (MI) “Heart Attack” was to have an injection of either PPA (“Clotbuster”) or of Streptokinase within minutes of coming through the ER door otherwise, survival, and survival with good life expectancy was severely jeopardized or annihilated.

No ambulance in Denbigh? Add up the time for another ambulance to come here and then go to Renfrew Hospital hours but not minutes.

Perhaps those councillors as mentioned in the Sept. 21 edition of your paper need to attend a few medical conferences with the local MDs rather than in their council meetings and put more value on human life than on the almighty dollar.
Don’t forget there could be a disaster or any serious accident causing injury. The idea of a shuttle bus or car that could not cross county borders is absolutely ludicrous. Wingding to say the least. And say it with great derision. As it eliminates Renfrew Hospital and Bancroft Hospital for us here in Denbigh.


Laurabell Miller


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